Preschool Fees: Are You Getting What You’re Paying For?

April 9, 2021

4 min

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A common misconception among Singapore parents is that good preschools are expensive, leaving them with only two options – pay a pricey monthly fee for a reputable preschool, or save money by choosing a preschool that doesn’t offer the quality of care and education that they want for their child.

But is it true that your child can’t get the best of both worlds in Singapore? That is, a quality preschool with affordable fees?

We’re here to shatter this misconception.

At My First Skool, our standards are second to none. Whether it’s the qualifications of our educators, the quality of our learning environments, our proven curriculum, or anything else – you’ll find that we’re not simply on par with other reputable preschools, we exceed expectations. My First Skool is one of the best preschools in Singapore with affordable preschool fees.

Curriculum and Learning Environments

1. The best minds, and the best practices, in the industry

We are proud of the curriculum used in (and out of) our classrooms. From our core curriculum to meal planning, every aspect of a child’s life at My First Skool is developed by a team of professionals in their areas of expertise. We have a large number of early childhood professionals who hold doctorates in their fields, and are well-recognised for their contribution in the sector.

Also, we have quality managers who ensure that educational practices are consistent across all the centres in our islandwide network. Parents will be glad to know that 100% of My First Skool centres that are eligible for SPARK certification, have been certified.

Going a step further, we also work with well-respected industry partners to ensure that our lessons and activities are the very best they can be.

2. Our evidence-backed curriculum is ideal for infants and toddlers

My First Skool is well-known for our relationships-based curriculum (RBC), which is our proprietary curriculum that is backed by science and evidence. In fact, research has shown that children who have undergone RBC display higher levels of active involvement, such as better concentration levels during learning. This is because of the trust infants and toddlers build with their educarers, which gives them the confidence and ability to learn and develop at their best.

3. Niche programmes are featured in our classrooms

And this curriculum expands beyond the lessons our experts have developed. We also work with well-respected industry partners to incorporate niche programmes such as STEM-based learning (i.e. science, technology, engineering, maths), arts, bilingualism and cultural intelligence, character building, nature learning, and Malay heritage into our schedule.

4. Conducive learning environments

Our schools are designed to optimise learning and development in young children. In our learning environments, you’ll find an impressive selection of learning resources, interactive learning corners that engage children in fun and creative ways, and plenty of opportunities for children to learn and play, both indoors and outdoors.

Health and Safety

5. We implement industry-leading safety practices

When it comes to adopting best practices in health and safety, My First Skool has always led the way. And with concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, we have proactively implemented best practices in all our centres. Our schools are stocked with commercial grade UV sterilisers, which our teachers and staff use to sterilise toys, kitchen equipment, as well as other items and areas. At our larger centres, temperature sensors are used to keep an eye on everyone’s temperature throughout the day.

Health and Safety

6. Our children enjoy healthy menus, planned by dieticians and nutritionists

When it comes to food, we focus on building healthy eating habits and preferences in children. Our children are treated to a wide variety of dishes from our tasty-yet-healthy menu, which is rotated bi-weekly to keep children’s interest in these healthy meals high. Every meal is planned by our expert dieticians and nutritionists, and prepared by our in-house chefs.

Being Affordable is in Our DNA

Best of all, we take pride in being recognised as a preschool that most Singaporeans can comfortably afford. As part of NTUC First Campus family, My First Skool provides affordable preschool education for children across Singapore while delivering exceptional value and quality. We also do our part to reach out to children from low income families with the Bright Horizons Fund, so every child can get a good head start in life.

So, if you believe that good preschools always come with big fees, we’d like to invite you to tour any of our 140 centres across Singapore, take a look at our learning environments, understand our curriculum, and check out our fees here. We look forward to seeing you!