Fun activity sheets to boost your child’s Mandarin for the holidays!

November 20, 2019

2 min


Did you know that there are many benefits to be bilingual? Research has shown that children who are bilingual tend to be more creative and are able to focus better as they can ignore distracting information and work on a task more effectively. This ability helps them to learn and process information readily and function well not only in school but other learning environments which they are in.

Take the opportunity to bond and enhance your child’s love for Mandarin this holiday with these two activity sheets which our Education Development Specialists have specially developed!




  • 想去哪里(哪个国家/地方)?怎么去?
  • 目的地的天气怎么样?需要做什么准备?
  • 去旅行需要带什么?
  • 当地有什么好玩的?你最想去什么地方玩,为什么?
  • 旅行时有哪些注意事项?如:跟着父母,不要自己走开,有什么事情要告知父母等。


  • 参阅宝贝行李箱整理清单【下载活动表】,与孩子讨论还需要带哪些物品,再加进清单里。
  • 然后,鼓励孩子依照与父母一起列出的行李箱整理清单,准备需要携带的物品,装进行李箱。


  • 引导孩子关注当地和新加坡在天气、建筑、语言、服装和食物等方面的异同点。
  • 鼓励孩子每天自己准备背包,带上当日外出所需要的用品。


  • 引导孩子说一说所去的国家或城市和新加坡的异同点。
  • 参阅表格【下载活动表】,让孩子以简单的文字、绘画或照片做记录。
Parent-child Activity For Your Holiday Trip

Year-end is usually a popular time for families to go abroad for holidays. Besides broadening a child’s horizons, bringing them on an overseas trip can be a great opportunity to strengthen their language abilities and foster independence.

Before your holiday, discuss these with your child:

  • Where would you like to go (Country/Place)? How will we get there?
  • How is the weather in the country that we are visiting? What do we need to prepare?
  • What do we need to bring along?
  • What are the fun activities to do? Where would you like to go to the most? Why?
  • What do we need to take note of when we travel? E.g. Do not wander off on your own etc.


  • Before travelling, go through the checklist [download activity sheet] with your child and discuss if there are any other items to add to the list.
  • Encourage your child to pack his/her own suitcase according to the packing list.


During the holiday:

  • Get your child to observe and compare the differences between the holiday destination and Singapore such as the weather, architecture, language and food.
  • Encourage your child to pack his/her own bag, bringing along items needed for the day’s activity.


After the holiday:

  • Discuss with your child the differences he/she observed between the holiday destination and Singapore
  • Go through the activity sheet [download activity sheet] together and have him/her write them out or present it in a drawing.