How do we get children to be interested in math and science?

February 15, 2019

1 min


At My First Skool, art is one of the many creative ways which we use to teach children different subjects. In this activity below, you can bond with your child and use this opportunity to let him/her learn about Math and Science. Read on to find out how!

Activity: Leaf Rubbing

Materials needed: Wax Crayon, Paper and Leaves.


  1. Choose a leaf that has obvious veins.

During this process, show your child where the veins are and explain the role of veins in a leaf; which is to provide structure and support and also to carry water and food to the rest of the plants. If your child is curious to find out more, you can share more details on how transpiration works or even the similarities in structural support needed for a leaf to that of a human skeletal system.

  1. Next, place the leaf under a piece of white paper firmly


  1. Use a wax crayon to colour the area on the paper where the leaf is.
    As your child colours, the imprint of the leaf starts to appear. This helps in their numeracy skills as they identify the lines and patterns that are on the leaf.


  1. Voila! Your leaf artwork is done!
    If your child enjoys this activity, you can encourage your child to be creative and let them decide how they would like to decorate their little masterpiece!