10 Fun stay-home activities pre-schoolers will love during Circuit Breaker

May 12, 2020

4 min

Activities Circuit Breaker Covid-19 Things To Do

Is the extended circuit breaker making your child restless at home? We understand how challenging it can be to stay home for over a month, especially with energetic children around. But here’s the good news – being at home, doesn’t have to mean being bored.

My First Skool teachers share their favourite parent-child activities that you can play with your child. These activities are loads of fun and can be done indoors – so you won’t have to risk your child’s health (and a possible social distancing fine) by looking for entertainment outdoors.

1. Fun with Groceries!

Now that we’re cooking more frequently, most household will run out of groceries more quickly. Create a shopping list with your child and teach them to about common groceries, like fruits, vegetables and their favourite foods. You can also use this opportunity to teach them simple maths as you count how many of each item you need (i.e. five apples, one loaf of bread, etc.)

2. Learn to Cook with My First Skool Cooks


2. Learn to Cook with My First Skool Cooks

Turn mealtimes into fun times for your child! Watch our recipe videos with your child, then decide on the next day’s dinner together. You can let your child help with some of the preparation too, and instil in them the value of helping mummy and daddy out.

3. Boost Your Immunity with Yoga


3. Boost Your Immunity with Yoga

A strong and healthy immune system is essential for staying safe from illnesses, and yoga is one of the best ways to build this up. Check out these five simple-to-do and fun yoga poses that have been specially developed to forge a strong parent-child bond, along with an excellent immune system.

4. Access Our Home-Based Learning Library

Do you need some “alone time” to get work done, run errands, or simply to rest and recharge? My First Skool educators have produced a collection of home-based learning resources for children to be engaged in during this circuit breaker period. Let your child watch these engaging and educational videos, while you get some much-needed “me time”.

5. Visit Zoos Around the World

While the Singapore zoo may not be open at the moment, your child can still observe animals and aquatic creatures, and learn about them through livestreams. Take a look at this list of zoos and aquariums that are livestreaming to the public, then catch a stream with your child and enjoy the wonder of nature!

6. Take a Virtual Tour of a Preschool Classroom


6. Take a Virtual Tour of a Preschool Classroom

Looking for a preschool that suits your child’s developmental needs? This is the ideal time to start looking around. While you may not be able to physically step into a preschool, My First Skool offers the next best thing – virtual tours of our various learning environments. Take a virtual tour together with your child and use the opportunity to teach them about all the fun times and amazing friends they’ll meet there!

7. Go on Imaginary Expeditions

If your child can’t explore the world outside, why not bring the outside world to your child? Go trekking through the amazon jungle (aka your living, decorated with animal plushies and plants) or diving into the ocean (i.e. your child’s bedroom, filled with pictures of marine life).

Have fun decorating your home, then dress up with a pair of binoculars and safari hat, and take your child on a tour around the different “expedition sites” you’ve created – snapping photos and teaching your child about the various wildlife and marine life surrounding them.

8. Play an Audiobook

Books are great for more than bedtime stories, they’re fantastic for keeping children occupied, while developing their imagination and creativity from a young age. And as every parent knows, a single book can keep children entertained for a long time, as they love hearing their favourite stories over and over again. Check out My First Skool’s playlist of popular audiobooks on Spotify, then let your child listen to their favourite stories as many times as they want to.

9. Set Up a Learning Zone for Dramatic Play

At My First Skool, dramatic play is one of the powerful teaching tools we use for holistic development. It involves engaging children in role play so they quickly develop crucial life skills, such as language fluency, motor skills, numeracy, social skills, and many others. Ask other members of your household to join in these roleplaying sessions, where your child can be a doctor, astronaut, police officer, or anyone they imagine!

9. Set Up a Learning Zone for Dramatic Play

Dramatic play sessions are most effective when they take place in a designated learning corner. Our schools feature “Learningzone Corners” that encourage children to play (and learn) full out! Need ideas on how to set up your own learning corner? Explore for inspiration!

10. Play with AR Animals


10. Play with AR Animals

Ever wanted to keep a pet tiger at home? Well, now you can! Using your phone, go to Google and search for your child’s favourite animal. Next, click on “View in 3D” and viola! A tiger, bear or penguin is now relaxing in your living room, thanks to the magic of augmented reality (AR). You can even snap photos of your child interacting with these virtual animals – which you can share with their friends!

We hope you enjoy these activities and keep you and your child happy, safe and healthy through this circuit breaker period. We’ll see you soon when school resumes!