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Blk 428 Clementi

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Charmaine Ng

My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

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This branch provides a language rich and age appropriate curriculum. The teachers often create stimulating materials in a safe physical setting. What I like most are warm interactions between staff and children. I can feel that the teachers really love the children and both my kids (k1 and n1) look forward to meeting their teachers every day. The teachers takes the effort to prepare high quality teaching materials so that the children are able to enjoy their learning. After school, my kids often recount the things that they have been learning. Most importantly, the school takes great effort to help us participate in the child's learning journey. They provide us with materials which we can use to guide our kids.

Junqin Eric
My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

I made the right choice for sending my kids to My First Skool. Ever since enrolling, I’ve seen many improvement on them, such in speech and problem solving ability. The staff is extremely friendly and professional. My kids looks forward to going there every day. It has a very homey feeling and the child to teacher ratio is great! The communication between teachers and parents is in place. All my questions were kindly answered and they were happy to answer them too! The management is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment. I really thankful to principal, teachers and all the staff.

My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

The teachers are friendly, understanding, and at times, they are willing to go extra miles for my kids. They will always update us on how our kids are doing in school. My younger son have to go for speech therapy as he is slower in speaking. But after I put my younger son in My First Skool Clementi, in just a few months, his language improved. He doesn't even need to go for his speech therapy anymore. Both my sons love their teachers, as they are really fun and patience towards them. The teachers also made learning more fun by planning activities. Thumbs up for the teachers and thank you for making the learning more fun for the kids!

Jasmine Seah
My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

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