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January 1, 1970

Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) 

Tuitions & Fees

BHF aims to empower young children from low-income families to have an equal start in life through access to quality preschool education and positive classroom experiences. 


Qualification criteria:

  1. Gross monthly household income of $4,500 and below, or $1,125 per capita (with five or more members). 
  2. Applications for childcare subsidies offered by ECDA, if applicable, must first be made prior to the consideration of BHF.

Income Family Micro-Insurance Scheme (IFMIS)

NTUC Income continues to champion education for youth in need. Families, especially from low-income backgrounds, are often the hardest hit when a parent or guardian becomes seriously ill, suffers a permanent disability or dies. In order to ensure continued education for these children, Income offers tangible support through IFMIS.


Qualification criteria:

  1. Parent/guardian with a child/ward attending an NTUC First Campus childcare centre.
  2. Gross Household Income or Per Capita Income does not exceed $4,500 a month or $1,125 a month respectively.
ECDA Subsidy: Find out how much you are eligible for

ECDA Subsidy: Find out how much you are eligible for

Go to ECDA subsidy calculator →

Frequently Asked Questions

Please approach your child care centre personnel who will assist you with the application for preschool subsidies.
All applicants for Singapore Citizen children are eligible for Basic Subsidy. Additional Subsidy is only available to applicants for Singapore Citizen children a) who are working at least 56 hours per month and b) whose gross monthly household income is $12,000 and below or per capita income is $3,000 and below.
ECDA provides a number of financial support schemes. You can find more details here: https://www.ecda.gov.sg/Pages/Subsidies-and-Financial-Assistance.aspx
Every year, more than S$1.5 million are disbursed from the BHF to empower over 5,000 children from low-income families, giving them a chance at pre-school education.
Established by NTUC First Campus in 2008, the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) is a charity fund registered as an Institute of Public Character (IPC). The funds are primarily used to provide financial support for pre-school children from low-income families.