Nursery 1

3 years old

A day in the life of a My First Skool Nursery 1 child

The most important meal of the day
Besides feeding children with yummy, healthy food prepared to Health Promotion Board guidelines, we also teach them how to clean up after their meals to nurture self-reliance and independence.
Sensational activities that spur growth
Stimulating children's faculties of touch, smell, taste, movement, balance, sight and hearing to further develop their brainpower while facilitating their sense of exploration.
Artistic endeavours that inspire
Drawing, painting, and colouring activities with a variety of materials such as crayons and paint that encourage creativity and self-expression.
Exploring the great outdoors
Physical activities and exploring natural environments are important parts of growing up. We spend quality time in neighbouring parks and gardens.
The soundtrack to your child's development
Children absorb more information through singing and dancing. By playing with finger rhymes and listening to songs in Mother Tongue Language such as Chinese, learning becomes easier.
Healthy, scrumptious meals
A variety of nutritious meals made in accordance with the Health Promotion Board's guidelines, taking into account the child's dietary needs.
Resting to recharge and improve learning
Encouraging children to take short afternoon naps by creating a conducive environment for rest.
Self-care and group fun
Teaching children to take care of their personal hygiene and partake in group activities that boost self-expression and vocabulary skills.
Mid-afternoon meals to keep hunger at bay
Tea breaks and snacks to ensure children get the nutrients they need to stay focused in school.
Encouraging independent play
Playing with manipulative toys or teacher-made resources, allowing children to choose what they want to learn. Children who are not ready to join group activities can explore other activities on their own.
Boosting imagination through reading
Reading books are an essential part of our curriculum. Our storytelling sessions are brought to life through shadow puppets, props, role-playing, and more, leaving our children captivated and engaged.
Intergenerational bonding activities
To encourage children to interact with their seniors, we hold regular learning activities and conversations with older people. This teaches them to celebrate diversity and inclusivity as well as be more empathetic with older generations who have contributed to the nation.
Reconnecting with parents and loved ones
After a long, fun day at school, it's time for our little ones to go home and be with their families. As a security measure, all parents/caregivers must check their children out on their app upon pick-up.

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