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Early Years Centre

Our EYC preschool model guarantees a Kindergarten 1 placement in a nearby partner MOE kindergarten.

Early Stepping Stones to a Proven Curriculum

Early Years Centre (EYC) is a new preschool model for children aged between two months to 4 years that guarantees a Kindergarten 1 placement when the child turns five years old in a nearby partner MOE Kindergarten. My First Skool currently has three EYCs in Punggol.

Building Responsive Relationships & Core Life Skills

Children are born with the innate ability to learn, and we enhance this by providing a nurturing environment that encourages them to co-construct knowledge with their teachers. The My First Skool EYC Programme is built on the proven relationships-based curriculum, with an emphasis on fostering bonds between child and teacher that enhances the child’s well-being, sense of autonomy, independence, and a sense of agency.

Outdoor play is the best classroom for children.

Outdoor physical play provides ample opportunities for children to explore and learn, leading to healthier physical bodies and stronger emotional cores.

Our Environment

Importance of Outdoor Play and Playscapes at My First Skool 2 Punggol Drive

Children who spend time outdoors are healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Outdoor physical play provides ample opportunities for exploration, leading to more effective learning. This is why we have designed five playspaces at My First Skool 2 Punggol Drive:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the curriculum be different from MFS centres with programmes for children up to 6 years old?

Children enrolled in EYC can expect to go through the same curriculum as other My First Skool centres from 0-4 years old.

Will there be any developmental difference in my child if they enrol in EYC as compared to your existing centres that cater for children up to 6 years old?

Both My First Skool and MOE Kindergarten programmes are fully aligned with the Ministry of Social and Family Development Early Years Development Framework and the MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners Framework in Singapore.

Will I need to anticipate disruptive behaviour or allow for an adjustment period for my child transitioning between EYC and K1?

All the children in EYC will be guaranteed a space in a MOE Kindergarten. To facilitate positive transition experiences, children and their parents will be invited to an orientation session organised at the partner MOE Kindergarten before the start of their K1 year. At the orientation, children will meet with their kindergarten teachers and classmates to introduce them to the new learning environment. Parents are also invited to accompany their children to the MOE Kindergarten on the first two days of Term 1 to help their child get used to the new daily routine.

What are the MOE Kindergarten curriculum hours? What should I do if I require full-day care service?

The MOE Kindergarten programme is a 4-hour programme with care services available should parents require a full-day programme for their child.

If I decide not to enrol my child in MOE Kindergarten, will I be guaranteed a place in other MFS centres which provide K1 and K2 classes?

You may request to be transferred to other MFS centres. However, successful enrolment will be dependent on the centre’s vacancies.

Can my child who is attending EYC choose another MOE Kindergarten and not the one mapped to the centre?

Under the EYC model, the child will only be guaranteed a place to the MOE Kindergarten mapped to the centre. Parents can choose not to accept the guaranteed place at the partner kindergarten and they can indicate this during the pre-admissions phase of the registration exercise conducted during the start of the N2 year. If you wish to enrol your child in another MOE Kindergarten, it will be subject to availability.

Will my child be guaranteed a space in a MOE Kindergarten when they turn 5?

All eligible Singaporean children enrolled in nursery in our EYC will be guaranteed a K1 place in one of the partner MOE Kindergartens. Your child will enrol in the partner MOE Kindergarten through a pre-admissions phase of the MOE Kindergarten registration exercise, conducted during their nursery year.

Why is My First Skool providing a pre-school service that caters only to children aged 0 to 4 years?

My First Skool (MFS) is collaborating with MOE Kindergarten to provide a continuum of quality and affordable pre-school education for children aged two months to four years through a new model for pre-school services. Under this collaboration, MFS operates an EYC to provide infant care and childcare services. Five and six-year-old children will then continue their Kindergarten 1 (K1) and Kindergarten 2 (K2) programme at a partner MOE Kindergarten. This new model will help to increase the number of quality and affordable pre-school places in Punggol, so as to support the needs of young families in the area.

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