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NTUC First Campus signs MOUs with overseas universities to augment its pool of skilled Chinese Language teachers, as part of its preschools’ continuing focus on effective bilingualism

April 26, 2023


Mother Tongue Learning

NTUC First Campus signs MOUs with overseas universities to augment its pool of skilled Chinese Language teachers, as part of its preschools’ continuing focus on effective bilingualism

NTUC First Campus (NFC) has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)s with three overseas universities to provide their students with internship and employment opportunities as Chinese Language teachers at NFC’s preschools. NFC’s overseas collaborations with universities augment its pool of teachers hired locally and overseas.

The three universities, based in Taiwan, are National Pingtung University (國立屏東大學), Hungkuang University (弘光科技大学) and Shu-Te University (樹德科技大學).

“As a leader in Singapore’s early childhood care and education, NTUC First Campus places a strong focus on building effective bilingualism and inculcating a love for learning Mother Tongue. Our innovative Mother Tongue curriculum has won us many awards. These latest collaborations with three esteemed universities are further testament to our continuing commitment to delivering high-quality Mother Tongue Language education,” Dr Connie Lum, NFC’s Director of Mother Tongue Languages Curriculum said.

“NTUC First Campus collaborates with overseas universities to create attachment or internship opportunities in our preschools for overseas teaching talent. By tapping on talent beyond Singapore, we ensure a steady pool of highly trained and passionate teachers to support our vision of enabling every child to realise their best potential and in creating bright futures for them,” said Simon Ong, NFC’s Chief Human Resource Officer.

“We are happy to receive interns from overseas universities at My First Skool as they add diversity and strengthen our teaching team through their experiences, and help build a culture of learning and collaboration,” said Thian Ai Ling, General Manager of My First Skool (MFS). MFS has 155 preschool centres in Singapore.

President Robert Chen from National Pingtung University looks forward to more exchanges and cooperation with NFC in the future. “Education is the foundation of the university, and exporting quality education is equally important, so that the teaching quality of the University’s students and teachers can be acknowledged,” he said.

“This collaboration with NTUC First Campus is of great significance to students’ overseas internships, employment, and interactive exchanges in the field of education and childcare, as it enables students to gain practical experience in theory and practice during the stints at NTUC First Campus’s preschools,” said Dr Lee Shu-Hui, Vice Dean of Shu-Te University. Shu-Te University’s Department of Early Childhood Education nurtures kindergarten teachers, family education professionals, and early intervention and education professionals. The department also manages six government-commissioned public education and childcare service agencies and two home-based childcare service centres.

Since 2011, Hungkuang University has collaborated with NFC to enable Taiwanese students to intern and work at NFC’s preschool centres. “Since 2011, 50 alumni have interned or worked at NFC’s preschools, promoting the development of bilingualism and facilitating exchange of experiences,” said Dr Pan Shih-Tsun, Vice President of Hungkuang University. Currently, there are 16 Hungkuang University alumni who are part of NFC’s teaching staff, with five serving as lead teachers. Alumna Lim Wen Zhi who works as a Chinese Teacher at My First Skool at Blk 209 Ang Mo Kio also received various teaching awards for her outstanding performance in teaching the Mother Tongue Language.


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