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NTUC First Campus clinched both first and second prizes at the eighth ‘Thumbs Up Little Junior’ Nursery Rhyme Competition

July 23, 2023
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NTUC First Campus clinched both first and second prizes at the eighth ‘Thumbs Up Little Junior’ Nursery Rhyme Competition

Photo: Lianhe Zaobao

NTUC First Campus’s (NFC) My First Skool (MFS) clinched both first and second prizes out of 235 entries at the eighth ‘Thumbs Up Little Junior’ Nursery Rhyme Competition on July 22. The team from MFS at Blk 82 Circuit Road was awarded first prize for their lively performance and catchy melody as part of their item titled ‘Reading Corner’.

In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Gao Meng, Chinese Lead Teacher at the centre, said that she loves to share interesting points from books with the children, who also find a lot of joy during the reading sessions. She sought inspiration from the reading corner, combining the highlights from all the books she read, for the nursery rhyme that she penned.

The team from MFS at 6 New Punggol Road received the second prize for their item ‘Shadow Friends’. During their performance, the children and teachers amazed the audience with various colourful shadows in a dark environment. Chinese teacher Zhou Yitong said that through regular interactions with the children, she noticed their interest in light and shadow when they went outdoors. “So we combined the children’s love for shadows and brought the play of light and shadow onto the stage,” she said.

Dr Connie Lum, Director of Mother Tongue Language Curriculum and Professional Development at NFC, who was one of the judges at the competition, said, “The performances this year are innovative, and the quality of nursery rhymes has also improved. In the past, we had to propose amendments to the nursery rhymes before they were presented. I hope to see more breakthroughs in the future, allowing children of different ages to perform nursery rhymes together.”

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