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NTUC Campus’s preschools offer holistic and up-to-date programmes, ensuring high-quality preschool education

January 30, 2023
5 min


Learning Environment

NTUC Campus’s preschools offer holistic and up-to-date programmes, ensuring high-quality preschool education

Picture: BERITA Mediacorp

The government is committed to giving every child a good start in life, regardless of their background, and so is NTUC First Campus. My First Skool, operated by NTUC First Campus, was featured in the first part of BERITAmediacorp’s preschool series.

Preparing children for primary school and beyond

The programme started with a feature on Madam Fatma Osman who moved her son Fatih from a private preschool to MFS at Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) to better prepare him for life in primary school.

“We choose a preschool that focuses on the Malay/Islamic community, and it is crucial because they teach the Malay language. But we still prioritize a diverse environment,” shared Cik Fatma. She also shared how pleased she was with MFS’s teaching resources and environment, and the experience of its teachers.

It is clear that besides a suitable environment, preschool teachers who support children’s curiosity are crucial. This ensures that the quality of learning offered is equal to or even better than what private centers offer. “We have curriculum and pedagogy experts who specialise in this. They will think about how we can strengthen our curriculum. And of course, in the center itself, as you can see at Wisma Geylang Serai, you will see that there are always special features such as heritage and Malay cultural elements,” said Ms Thian Ai Ling, the Director of My First Skool. Ms Thian also shared that NFC’s teachers regularly undergo training to develop necessary skills to be effective teachers.

Offering various assistance programmes to ensure no child is left behind

“For children who may come from families in greater need, whether they are low-income families or their families are facing challenges due to family situations, My First Skool works with various agencies, not just the government to provide support. Sometimes we collaborate with social workers,” explained Ms Thian.

As a major operator, NTUC First Campus fosters inclusivity and ensures that early childhood care and education is accessible to all. Therefore, children from low-income families are given priority admission to My First Skool preschool centers.

The NFC Charity Fund, Bright Horizons Fund, also provides additional financial and social support to families, enabling their children to integrate well with their peers and attend preschool regularly.

These initiatives allow NFC to continue its mission of creating a bright future for every child and their families.

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