About EYC

Early Years Centre (EYC) is a new pre-school model – for children aged between two months to 4 years – that guarantees a Kindergarten 1 placement (when the child turns five years old) in a nearby MOE kindergarten whom we partner with. My First Skool currently has three EYCs in Punggol.

The EYC Programme

Early Stepping Stones:
Supporting Responsive Relationships & Building Core Life-Skills for Life & Learning – from Infants (Crib) to Kindergarteners

We believe that children are born with the innate ability to learn, and we enhance this by providing a nurturing environment that encourages them to co-construct knowledge with their teachers. The My First Skool EYC Programme is built on the proven relationships-based curriculum, with an emphasis on fostering bonds between child and teacher and to enhance the child’s well-being, sense of autonomy, independence and a sense of agency.

We also encourage our children to draw observations from the things they experience every day, which can help pique their interest to explore and discover more about their surroundings.

As our children grow, the programme transitions to prepare them for their journey into the kindergarten years where we use the PETAL© (Playing, Exploring, Thinking and Applying Learning) approach to create learning experiences based on themes and topics of interest. This inquiry-based learning also further deepens the child’s ability to question, investigate and discover.

The Environment

Importance of Outdoor Play and Playscapes at My First Skool 2 Punggol Drive

Children who spend time outdoors are healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Physical play outdoors provides ample opportunities for exploration and leads to more effective learning. This is why we have designed five playscapes at My First Skool 2 Punggol Drive:

  • Outdoor Playground

    From crawling through tunnels to building sandcastles, the outdoor playground is a learning zone that houses a bamboo igloo where children can listen to and share stories. There is also a designated cycling track for toddlers to push their buggies and cars around.

  • Water Play Zone

    With nine water jets, this amazing multi-sensory water play area introduces young children to textures and temperatures while providing opportunities to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills through actions like pouring, squirting, scrubbing, stirring and squeezing.

  • Mountain Play Zone

    Our rock climbing mounds, designed with safety in mind, allow children to build up their confidence and help increase their strength and flexibility. To further enhance their motor skills, we have balance beams of different heights as well as stepping logs to make it more challenging and spark their imagination.

  • Land Play Zone

    In this area, children are immersed in a fun learning environment where they are exposed to gardening activities. Gardening offers them a chance to appreciate the value of responsibility when they grow their own plants and food, from seed to harvest.

  • Forest Play Zone

    This zone features a tree house that invites children to a completely new escapade where they can observe the sky, passing clouds and birds flying by, offering them endless learning opportunities through play and exploration.

Locate Early Years Centre (EYC)

Find an Early Years Centre (EYC) near you!

Early Years Centres(s) Partner MOE Kindergarten(s)

My First Skool at
Blk 322D Sumang Walk

  • MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Cove

My First Skool at 2 Punggol Drive

  • MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol Cove
  • MOE Kindergarten @ Punggol View
  • MOE Kindergarten @ Valour

My First Skool
at Blk 659A Punggol East

  • MOE Kindergarten @ Waterway

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Early Years Centre (EYC) FAQs

Early Years Centre (EYC) FAQs

  • Will the curriculum be different from MFS centres with programmes for children up to 6 years old?

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  • Will there be any developmental difference in my child if he/she enrols in EYC as compared to your existing centres that cater for children up to 6 years old?

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  • Will I need to anticipate disruptive behaviour or allow for an adjustment period for my child transitioning between EYC and K1?

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  • What are the MOE Kindergarten curriculum hours? What should I do if I require full-day care service?

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  • If I decide not to enrol my child in MOE Kindergarten, will I be guaranteed a place in other MFS centres which provide K1 and K2 classes?

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  • Can my child who is attending EYC choose another MOE Kindergarten and not the one mapped to the centre?

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  • Why is My First Skool providing a pre-school service that caters only to children aged 0 to 4 years?

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  • Will my child be guaranteed a space in a MOE Kindergarten when he turns 5?

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