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Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) Fellows

Under the NTUC First Campus Co-operative family, we are proud to share that five of our early childhood leaders have been appointed as ECDA Fellows, with three of them from My First Skool.

Batch of 2018

Suhana Bte Salleh

Cluster Quality Manager My First Skool

"It is important that our children are valued and respected as individuals. I believe we must stimulate and challenge our children, who each come with their own needs, talents and interests. As a team of educators, we can support children's learning through continual observation, planning, documentation and reflection. As an EC leader, I believe in inspiring educators, and guiding them to design and implement holistic learning experiences supported by appropriate and engaging pedagogies. As a pedagogical and organisational leader, I am committed to extending my professional learning, as well as sharing and co-creating knowledge with children's families, colleagues and community."
Batch of 2018

Sylvia Yeo

Cluster Quality Manager My First Skool

"Every child is unique. Each child grows at his/her own pace and comes from a family with their own beliefs and values. I believe we have to understand each child as a whole and design learning experiences according to his/her needs and interests. I am committed to empowering and inspiring educators to work together towards a shared purpose of supporting children's holistic development. With different curriculum models currently available, we must understand and leverage them to design quality learning experiences. A high quality centre is characterised by a strong learning and sharing culture, where educators are provided with opportunities to experiment with new ideas and engage in reflective practices. I am committed to extending my professional learning and co-creating new knowledge with colleagues, the children, their families and the larger community."
Batch of 2015, re-appointed in 2018

Nagalinggam Thamarai

Senior Cluster Quality Manager My First Skool

“Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to play a part in children’s education. There is nothing more fascinating than a child. Watching them grow and learn is one of life’s most humbling experiences. I believe every child can embark on their own unique learning journey - one that affords them with the values, dispositions and knowledge. I advocate for children to grow as healthy and creative individuals, in a nurturing environment, where children from all backgrounds feel included and are able to take part in enriching learning experiences, and where parents can feel confident about sending their children.”
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