With the recent spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), besides keeping up with good hygiene, there are several other ways to protect ourselves. Why not take this as an opportunity to bond with your child while boosting you and your child’s immunity to keep the virus at bay.

Our My First Skool parent – Ms Dawn Sim (@thatmomoffour), co-founder @triumfitness, wellness coach and a mum of four (wow!), shares with us some parent-child yoga poses that we can work on to build up our body defence against the virus should we decide to spend our time indoor.

Oh, and don’t worry if you do not have a yoga mat – you can always use the baby playmat as well wink.

Let’s get into position now!

Yoga pose 1: Seated twist

Parent-Child Yoga Poses Sit on the mat with one hand placed behind to help keep your posture upright, cross one leg over to the opposite side while bending the knee. Take your opposite arm to hook the elbow outside the bent knee in order to assist you into the spine twist.

Benefits: Twists will help to stimulate your detoxification abilities.

Yoga pose 2: Lizard on a rock

Parent-Child Yoga Poses This is a partner pose and with your little one laying her back against yours. This helps him/her open up the chest and shoulders allowing for stimulation to the thymus gland.

Benefits: This organ is responsible for the growth of T-cells, a type of white blood cell essential for fighting infections and a strong immune system.

Yopa pose 3: Bridge

Parent-Child Yoga Poses Start by lying on the mat with knees bent, then lift your hips upwards while tucking your chin in towards your chest. Try to interlock your hands below your hips. Your little one can try to sit on your thigh while you hold the pose.

Benefits: The benefits are the similar as ‘Lizard on a rock’ pose but this time, the parent gets the benefits from this chest and shoulder opening pose while stimulating the thymus gland.

Yoga pose 4: Downward facing dog

Parent-Child Yoga Poses Starting from all fours, tuck your toes and lift your hips upwards.

Benefits: Apart from being a great stretch for the spine and legs, this inversion helps to drain the sinuses and helps to move the white blood cells throughout the body in order to fight infections.

Yoga pose 5: Bow

Parent-Child Yoga Poses Starting with your belly on the mat, bend your knees and reach your hands to grab each ankle on the same side. Using your back muscles, start to lift your chest and thighs off the ground.

Benefits: This is yet another good pose to open up the chest and shoulders while strengthening the back. This stimulates our detox centres through compression and release which helps in supporting a healthy immune system.


There are many measures that we can take to protect ourselves while having fun! Check out our article which turns virus-fighting activities into playtime! So let’s keep calm, stay vigilant and get through this together.

Bowing out.