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Welcome to My First Skool, where we prioritise the development of relationships in everything we do, from curriculum development to centre design. Our relationships-first approach encourages children to develop meaningful connections with their peers and educators, fostering real-world values and relational skills like social and emotional confidence, empathy and teamwork.

My First Skool is an Anchor Operator funded by the Early Childhood Development Agency. We are also part of NTUC First Campus, a social enterprise dedicated to enabling bright futures for every child and their family.

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Raising Happy, Confident Children

Children learn from observing and exploring their surroundings – valuable skills that carry on to adulthood. To nurture these traits, we adopt a respectful, responsive, and reciprocal pedagogy called PETAL, which encourages children to apply their knowledge through various purposeful play opportunities. This creates socially confident children with a network of strong, trusted relationships.

Hear From Our Happy Parents

School is conveniently located and accessible by both public and private transport. My children are nurtured by the teachers in a conducive environment teaching them independence, communication and social skills. School has their own in-house outdoor play area for play, gardening, etc. Teachers are also friendly, approachable and caring whom the kids sang praises about. See ya there!

Jooyun Sng
My First Skool at Blk 192 Toa Payoh

Both my sons are in MFS and it has been a wonderful learning experience for the kids. The teachers are approachable and caring. They will take time to update parents during dismissal/arrival. During HBL, the teachers provided many resources and feedback for the kids to learn at home too.

Latifah Aziz
My First Skool at Blk 295A Compassvale

The teachers are friendly and they are very encouraging team of teachers. My son was enrolled since 2021 and he enjoy his days with his teachers till now he is in PG. My son's appeitte isnt always good, lbut after much encouragement from them, he is able to finish his lunch by himself. Good effort, tchrs!

Linda Quan
My First Skool at Blk 295A Compassvale

My son was enrolled into the toddler relation group earlier this year and to date I am very pleased with the center's service. The curriculum is well structured with both English and Chinese languages, which expose my son into variety of activities that develop all kinds of skills he needs at this age. Particularly he is very excited about the classes related to music and motion which he sometimes even practices after school at home. The communication with the school and teachers is superb. The APP regularly updates the activities of the kids (with photos) which let the parents have the sense of what the kids are playing at school. Announcement are also timely updated through the APP as well. Further, the center and teachers sent regular emails (e.g., monthly kids update) with more information and suggestions for your kid. What I like most is that the teachers call the parents frequently (2-3 times per week) during kids' nap time to further communicate with the parent verbally, and you also have the chance to talk to teachers when you fetch the kid almost everyday. Overall I am strongly convinced by the top-notch service provided by the center and do believe my son enjoys the every single day in school.

Le Su
My First Skool at Blk 295A Compassvale

This branch provides a language rich and age appropriate curriculum. The teachers often create stimulating materials in a safe physical setting. What I like most are warm interactions between staff and children. I can feel that the teachers really love the children and both my kids (k1 and n1) look forward to meeting their teachers every day. The teachers takes the effort to prepare high quality teaching materials so that the children are able to enjoy their learning. After school, my kids often recount the things that they have been learning. Most importantly, the school takes great effort to help us participate in the child's learning journey. They provide us with materials which we can use to guide our kids.

Junqin Eric
My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

I made the right choice for sending my kids to My First Skool. Ever since enrolling, I’ve seen many improvement on them, such in speech and problem solving ability. The staff is extremely friendly and professional. My kids looks forward to going there every day. It has a very homey feeling and the child to teacher ratio is great! The communication between teachers and parents is in place. All my questions were kindly answered and they were happy to answer them too! The management is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment. I really thankful to principal, teachers and all the staff.

My First Skool at Blk 428 Clementi

Mostly I like the teachers and environment of the school.Im happy because my 4kids have improve alot in speech,language n also I'm happy to the teacher in charge of my kids..All the teachers n staff are kind,friendly n also have patience with my kids behaviour,I thank u all very much n appreciate that.well done to the teacher and staff.

Dewi Yuana
My First Skool at 49 Rivervale Crescent (Large Childcare Centre at Rivervale Crescent)

Staffs n teachers are courtesy and know their stuffs well. Systems/arrangements are systematically planned for the children in school to attend with a breeze. Activities are great which helps the children to absorb and learn. Prevention of close contacts and save distancing for children in school are well planned

Daniel Ng
My First Skool at 49 Rivervale Crescent (Large Childcare Centre at Rivervale Crescent)

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Every year, over 22,000 families all across Singapore see their children benefit from our relationships-based curriculum — one that emphasises forging strong bonds between children, teachers, and parents. Find a centre near you or take a virtual tour to explore our learning environments and learn how your child can thrive.

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What an amazing turnout for Family Day at My First Skool on 51 Fernvale Link! Parents joined their children for a day filled with fun and laughter. 🤩🙌 From tug-of-war to carnival games and thrilling races, everyone participated enthusiastically. There were even obstacle courses and basic CPR training by @myscdf . 

It was wonderful to see families bonding and having a great time together. A big thank you to everyone who came by – you made it a day to remember! ✨

#MyFirstSkool #TheMFSExperience #FamilyDay2024
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