New Centre at 6 New Punggol Road (Opening Q4 2021)

Good news, our large childcare centre at 6 New Punggol Road will open its doors soon! Register your interest today and let your child embark on a joyful learning journey!

Love for Language Matters

Developing a love for language helps motivate children to be confident communicators. We nurture happy and better learners through engaging activities; providing an immersive mother tongue environment where children are presented with various opportunities to listen, speak and read the language.

Trying Again and Again Matters

Having the confidence and courage to try again is the first step towards building resilience. Through practical lessons, we nurture confidence where our children enjoy every learning experience, so that trying again and again is not feared, but fun.

Joy in Learning Matters

Happy children are better learners and at My First Skool, this means everything to us. Our teachers build meaningful relationships so that every child is happily engaged in the quality holistic curriculum we offer. Through fun and practical real-life applications at every turn, your child discovers a world of joy and confidence at his fingertips!

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  • We would like to say a big thank you to Atena Quek’s teachers, Ms Sha Jiaqi and Ms Evelyn for their tremendous effort and patience in teaching, guiding, caring, and nurturing Atena in her toddler class in My First Skool at Clementi Blk 339. When Atena joined My First Skool, she could not confidently speak Chinese or English. Her vocabulary was very limited and could speak less than ten words. But now she has learnt some new words (like Bao, Mao), and can speak them fluently. Ms Sha also shared with us that Atena was happy to learn dancing and singing in school. Having cultivated Atena’s interest in singing and dancing, the teachers are able to improve her language skills accordingly. We are grateful that both Ms Sha and Ms Evelyn have noticed her areas for improvement, and have worked diligently at it. We are very grateful for the dedicated care and love given to Atena by the two lovely teachers. Thanks to the two teachers, Atena is now able to eat and sleep on her own. She is also able to remind caregivers when her diaper change is due. Both have done a fantastic job. We truly hope Ms Sha and Ms Evelyn could accompany Atena for longer school terms in My First Skool. They are the right teachers we are looking for. In particular, Ms Sha Jiaqi has also taught Atena’s older brothers (Aris and Amias). Similar desired outcomes were achieved: they enjoyed singing, dancing, and drawing during class and they exhibit those learning attitudes at home. Teachers like Ms Sha is an example that we do not need to enroll our kids in branded schools to receive the best in early education.

    Atena Quek's Parents My First Skool at Blk 339 Clementi
  • To Teacher Chloey and Song Laoshi, thank you for ensuring that Rae enjoy her skool so much! We know it's not an easy feat handling so many kids at the same time. Your enthusiasm and energy level is amazing. Keep up the good work!

    Kai wei Parent of Rae chan rui xin (Playgroup, 2020) My First Skool at Blk 659A Punggol East - Early Years Centre (0-4 years old)
  • A big thank you to all the teachers in MFS at Telok Blangah Heights, for your patience, guidance and dedication. We would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to ; Teacher Gaya, Teacher Long, Teacher Mas, Teacher Edwyna, Teacher Liu Lan for your amazing love & care, encouragement, motivation, creativeness, kindness and thoughtfulness towards the/our children during your care. You play such an important role in shaping and guiding. We just wanted to pass this feedback on to you all and say thank you once again for the time and effort you have put into Brielle & Jaybriel over the years. Stay safe & Healthy!

    Mr & Mrs Tan Parent of Brielle & Jaybriel (K1, 2021) My First Skool at Blk 63 Telok Blangah Heights
  • My girl just graduated from this centre. Most of the teacher are approachable and loving ,the principal as well. Teacher Subrina and Lai lao Shi is the teachers who teach my girl last year. They are really awesome. They observed my girl needs and play a very important part to build her character.

    Lim sze mei Parent of lee ke han (K2, 2020) My First Skool at Blk 785E Woodlands Rise
  • Thank you teachers for the support in my boys' development and care in school. We are feeling very grateful for the team of teachers and the support given. My boys have shared good feedback about the caring teachers and staff in school. Special thanks to Ms Lee, Ms Dinah, Teacher Lia, Teacher Jerweyn, 郑老师 and 林老师。

    Lin Parent of Joe and Leo (K1, 2021) My First Skool at Braddell Heights Community Hub
  • Thank you My First Skool (MFS) for the quality pre-school education offered to Seth over the last 60 months! From the well-designed and exciting curriculum to the engaging and caring principal, teachers and support staff, MFS (Yew Tee) has successfully created a conducive milieu that not only provides a good foundation but also inspires a strong love for learning in their students. Every evening, we are excited to hear about Seth’s day in school. From learning about the different planets in the solar system to the meaningful Chinese songs taught in class, we really have much to be grateful for. We would like to specially commend the efforts of the K2 Teachers namely, Ms Nur, Ms Umag, 杨老师 & 黄老师 for their unwavering dedication to ensure the K2 students are well prepared for primary school even in a trying Covid-19 year (2020). Once again, THANK YOU MFS (Yew Tee) for all the beautiful memories. You can be assured that these memories will be with us and Seth for a long time to come. You have indeed made a difference in Seth’s life! Mr & Mrs Alvin Chua Parents of Seth Chua (K2 Class 2020)

    Parents of Seth Chua (K2 Class 2020) Parent of Seth Chua (K2, 2020) My First Skool at Blk 602 Choa Chu Kang
  • 2 of my children and 3 of my fosterchildren attended the Blk 153 Bishan St 13's MFS from the year 2012. My eldest daughter and son attended MFS from 2012 to 2015, 3 of my fosterchildren attended MFS from the year 2015 to 2020. 2 of them graduated from MFS and moved on smoothly to their primary schools. I am deeply indebted to MFS for the many ways they have come alongside my family not just in the way we raise our biological children, but also in the way we have raised our fosterchildren. There had been numerous times when the principal, Cheryl Lin, would continue to enquire about the well being of our biological children, years after they have graduated. My biological children also remember fondly the caring environment that they have experienced in MFS, in particular, the kind gesture and yummy meals that Aunty Jenny prepares for the children. Whenever we drop our fosterchildren in the childcare, they would remember the times when they too had the same meals and fun in the childcare. I am greatly indebted to Cheryl, Teacher Nur, Teacher Neesha, Yan Hua laoshi, and a number of the other teachers who have invested in the lives of our fosterchildren. Cheryl always facilitates the smooth admission of my fosterchildren to their childcare. The teachers also took pains to listen to me share about the needs of my foster children and adapted their teaching style accordingly. There were also a number of occasions where I had engaged the help of the teachers to raise issues with the fosterchildren separately during their time in school. I recall once when I was really struggling with the meltdowns of one of my fosterchildren and was at my wits' end. Teacher Nur stepped in to speak with my fosterchild gently regularly, in order to support the care that we were giving. One of my fosterchildren was also quickly identified by the childcare teachers to have some learning difficulties and was referred to the Flair programme very promptly when she was in K1. Subsequently, the teachers also supported our application for further assessment for the child. They did not dismiss the concerns that we raise as fosterparents but instead, stepped up their observations of the child and helped us concretise the concerns we have. All 3 of our fosterchildren have benefitted from the care and support of MFS Blk 153 Bishan St 13. 2 of them have moved on to their primary schools successfully. The child who had been referred to the Flair programme can now read! Another is aceing her studies in school and is now a class monitor! What a big impact the childcare had in their lives! As a parent who have had children with the childcare from the year 2012 to 2020, I am certain that this is a team that is dedicated to the care of the children, especially mine. I am deeply grateful to Cheryl and her team for all the work they have done. If not for them, my fosterparent journey would have been a lot harder! So thank you Cheryl and team for your hard work! You know I'm not the only one who think and feel this way. So keep up the good work and go on to inspire many more children, teachers and parents! Well done!

    Cindy Ng (Mrs) Parent of Tabitha Ng (Class of 2015), Isaiah Ng (Class of 2015), 3 fosterchildren (From the year 2015 to 2020) (K2, 2020) My First Skool at Blk 153 Bishan
  • Teaching in a preschool is not for the faint of heart. Managing to teach, encourage, and nurture several small children with vastly different personalities is a huge feat. Zhou Laoshi and Teacher Larissa are one of those teachers who do not consider their role as a mere trainers. They are the role models to the upcoming set of tender souls. All this is not possible without they having PASSION to shape the minds and emotions of small children. Both of them handle kids with extreme patience which makes the kids, more confident to try new things when they know they’ll be patiently encouraged.

    Kameshwar and Swarnalakshmi Parent of Sanadhan (Toddler, 2020) My First Skool at Blk 339 Clementi
  • It is hard to believe that both my children (Yue Yi and Jun Xin) have already graduated from My First Skool as it seems like yesterday I have enrolled them into the Infantcare group. The patient and caring teachers have instilled values and discipline in the children throughout the years, under the leadership of the school principal, Mrs Deva. The center is well-run and organized, with utmost importance placed on the children's well-being and safety always. Thank you so much for everything - for giving us parents the assurance that their children are well cared for and loved; for gifting the children the teachings and fond memories together with their friends in their formative years. I am sure My First Skool will always have a special place in my children's heart. Please keep up the great work and dedication - I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours!

    Mrs Tan Parent of Jun Xin (K2, 2014) My First Skool at Blk 306 Serangoon
  • I would like to express my gratitude to the principal, teachers and staff of MFS whampoa drive 85. Though it is a short stay at the centre while waiting for slot at another MFS nearer to home. The teachers shower Shane with love and care even when they knew from the start that he will be transferring out very soon. I can feel their sincerity in taking care of the kids. Will definitely recommend if you are looking for centre at whampoa area!

    Sophia Tan Parent of Koh Rui Kai, Shane (Toddler, ) My First Skool at Blk 85 Whampoa Drive

Rewriting the Rules

We believe in providing children with authentic and varied learning experiences that complement the daily curriculum. To enable all-round development in our children, our specialised programmes and carefully devised curriculum allow them to learn through non-traditional modes and further develop their areas of interests, be it in STEM, arts, bilingualism or cultural intelligence.

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What are My First Skool's pre-school fees?

Our childcare fees starts from $420 per month (after working mother's subsidy and before GST)

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Which My First Skool pre-school centres has vacancies?
Please click here for a list of My First Skool centres with vacancies. Please note that vacancies are subjected to changes daily based on first-come-first-served basis.
How do I find a My First Skool centre near me?
With 145 centres islandwide, you can easily find a My First Skool centre near you here.
What are the pre-school's curriculum?

My First Skool nurtures curious, focused and joyful learners through a curriculum that builds their proficiency in literacy, numeracy, social skills and more.

Skool-Educare© (0 to 3 years old) adopts a relationships-based approach and is proven to improve engagement, focus and persistence during learning. Skool-Ready© (4 to 6 years old) curriculum uses an inquiry-based learning approach and prepares our children for their transisition from kindergarten to primary school. Skool-aCe© curriculum is a Chinese programme that helps children to systematically learn, appreciate, and excel in mandarin, inspiring children to develop a genuine love for the language.


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