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CPP Launch at
Blk 236 Toa Payoh
  • 58 of My First Skool centres are SPARK certified!
  • 2 of our teachers have received the Outstanding Preschool Chinese Teacher Award 2014 by MOE
  • My First Skool serves more than 12,000 families!

  • 58 of My First Skool centres are SPARK certified!
  • 2 of our teachers have received the Outstanding Preschool Chinese Teacher Award 2014 by MOE
  • My First Skool serves more than 14,000 families!




"感谢学校里的老师及工作人员! Elizabeth 每一天都显得很快乐,这完全打消了我和先生之前还担心她换新校是否能适应的顾虑,每一天,当我去接Elizabeth 放学时,她总像是一只快乐的小鸟,告诉我先生和我,她喜欢新学校的老师,喜欢新学校的食物,这让我们非常的欣慰,并能安心地将孩子托付给他们。再次感谢学校里的校长,老师及全体工作人员,你们很棒!"

Mother of Elizabeth Cheah, (Nursery, 2015)
My First Skool at Sembawang Shopping Centre


"My first son, Shuban Nair started his journey as a toddler in this pre-school and he is now in K2.My second son, Aatish Nair is in Nursery now. Upon registering Shuban the school, I find that it used to have a lot of administrative and management issues. When I met Mrs Wani, the principal, she reassured me that all these will be look in to and rectified. Over the few years, I can see massive improvement in the activities which the teachers put in extra effort and initiatives. Till this very moment, when I inquire about or require any information, Mrs Wani is always very helpful and prompt. She listens to our concerns and advises us patiently. I have approached her numerous times and she always helped me to resolve the issue and shared with me her ideas. 

Last year was their very first sports day which I believe was a success as most parents supported and the children had fun also. They were also creative to present children with hand - made trophies. They also have activities like the 'Diamond Restaurant' event in which K1 children are to role play setting up a restaurant, prepare food and beverage and invite parents to dine in. It was really very impressive and all the teachers and children put in a lot of hard work. I was really very touched by that. A month ago, the nursery teacher invited my husband to have a chit chat session with the kids about army as they were doing a project, and we were impressed when they presented us with a token of appreciation!

They also organise talks to enlighten parents about the children’s yearly curriculum and have a special arrangement whereby parents could drop by the class on Fridays to participate or to have a look at the environment and while gaining an idea of the curriculum. The pre-school is always clean and tidy which reassures parents that our child is in a safe and hygienic environment.

I would like to specially compliment Teacher Lin Xiu(k1) ,Teacher Edwina (K2),Teacher Vani ,Teacher Gomathi (Nursery),Teacher Miami and Mrs wani for leading the super team."

Parent of Aatish Nair and Shuban Nair (K1, K2, 2015)
My First Skool at Blk 796A Yishun Ring Road


I would like to thank the teachers especially Teacher Linda in taking care of my son for the past six months. Teacher Linda has been very caring to Kai Han and takes good care of him. 

Once when I picked my boy from the centre, the teachers told me that they have been training Kai Han in crawling and he made an improvement that day. I was very glad that the school teachers are very committed and took the time and patience to train him in crawling. I deeply appreciate and would like to thank the teachers for putting in the effort, time and patience in developing his skills.

Mdm Woon Hui Hui
Parents of Goh Kai Han (Infant, 2015)
My First Skool at Blk 341 Tampines


"My daughter has been with here since Nov 2014. I would say the care and concern shown by the teacher is remarkable. I would like to thank Principal Ms Bee for all her excellent advises, as well as for her care and concern. Also want to thank teacher Sharmaine and Gokilavani for their timely feedback and caring attitude. They have demonstrated their true passion in this profession. Thank you so much for giving me assurance so I could focus on my job."

Mdm Sayathri D/O Namaunggam
Mother of Lakshana D/P Shunthosh (PG, 2015)
My First Skool at Braddell Heights Community Hub


"First of all, I would like to convey my greatest Thanks to the Playgroup Teachers and the rest of all the Teachers who make this possible. Lately my son doesn't want to goes to the school. And these two days I was so worried till Ms Safiah assured me that Lucas is well in class and she even assured me with a video clip of my son in class today. Thank you Safiah. You and your team are wonderful. Thanks for going through the extra mile and thanks for making working mummy feeling comfortable leaving our child with you and your wonderful team. Thumbs up Teachers. You guys are wonderful!"

Mdm Jenny Chew
Mother of Lucas Lee (Playgroup, 2015)
My First Skool at Blk 528 Hougang


"Back in 2013, I was a working mother and looking for a place to look after my child when I am at work after my maternity leave ended. I was introduced to My First Skool through the principal, Gillian Neo, she was very patience in explaining details to us pertaining to what you can expect in the childcare. As a 1st time parents, we have a lot of questions. After a previous session and discussion where we can raise our concerns, my husband and I were convinced by her and willingly to give a try to enrol our child, Chelsea Ong.

We would like to appreciate the hard work of Xu Lao Shi, she was Chelsea primary caretaker. She is very passion in her work as she always constantly updates us on Chelsea situation in school whenever we meet or write in the communication book. Again as a 1st time parents, we have a lot to learn. However, with the help of Xu Lao Shi who always provide us good advice when we tell her about the problem when taking care of Chelsea. We pick up very quickly and resolve the issue. As working parents, we often overlooked child’s need in term of emotional or physical. Xu Lao Shi will keep reminding us, example cutting of fingernails (she will hurt herself or friends), growing teeth (It is hard to notice especially usually we don’t open her mouth and look, sometimes growing teeth makes child do not want to drink milk), etc. With these reminders, we will pay more attention and look out for them. It helps us a lot as 1st time parents, we have not been through these stages and might not know why the child is crying or being cranky. Their cries and cranky may lead us to frustration if we don’t understand the reason behind it. These reminders are precious information to us.

Xu Lao Shi also guided us through the growing stages (from hands movement to flip to crawling to sit and to walk) of our baby. She will tell us what are the correct positions, activities or exercise to help our baby to improve. She is really an experience teacher as well as a mother.

Through strong communication between Xu Lao Shi and us, our home partnership with school is very strong. Thus, as each day goes by, we can see the growth in Chelsea is very steady and good. In facts, my relatives and friends always give positive comments on Chelsea and this makes us feel very proud of our child. We always told them most probably because she goes to school and that’s made her more social and learn more stuffs in school.

During Chelsea 1st year old birthday, on Xu Lao Shi’s own accord, she gave Chelsea a book (with decoration) of her grown up pictures (from 2 months old to 1 year old) taken in school. We were very touched. We had always wanted to make one but I didn’t have the time. Although is a simple gift, but it requires a lot of effort. Once again, we wish to express our gratitude to Xu Lao Shi. She is a meticulous person who makes us feel very safe and comfortable sending Chelsea every day to school and have a peace of mind during work. As we know that Chelsea will be in good hands in school and there is nothing to worry about. This is very important to that we can focus on work or run our errands.

Whenever Chelsea didn’t go to school, without fail Xu Lao Shi will call us up to find out why Chelsea did not attend school. I am impressed her dedication to her job, through these small little things. It makes our bond and trust even stronger. I felt the sincerity that Xu Lao Shi is giving to us and our little precious, Chelsea.

Putting Chelsea in childcare also gives her a routine each day which gives us easier to take care of her. She knows what to expect next and getting better and better each day.

Others Teachers in the infant care also provide good care and support to Chelsea whenever Xu Lao Shi is not around, thus, I also wish to thank them.

We would also like to thank the principal, Gillian Neo, for her patience and advice that made us took the first step to enrol our child into the childcare. So that we didn’t missed such a good opportunity for our children to learn and grow in such a good environment!

Overall, it is a wonderful experience that we had chosen My First Skool and we never regret. We always encourage my relatives and friends to put their child in My First Skool if they were to ask for our opinion. Our second child, Cayden Ong, is also currently enrolled in the same school and we will continue to give our support!"

Mr David Ong
Father of Chelsea and Cayden Ong (Infant, 2015)
My First Skool at Blk 209 Ang Moh Kio