My First Skool nurtures curious, engaged and joyful learners through a curriculum that builds their proficiency in literacy, numeracy, social skills and more.

Our Skool-Educare© Curriculum is Proven to Improve Focus and Engagement in Children (0 to 3 years)
Our Skool-Educare© Curriculum adopts the relationships based approach which focuses on building positive, trusting relationships by leveraging on routine and caring interactions. Studies show that our children are focused and engaged during activities which helps them to develop confidence and resilience.

Our Skool-Ready© curriculum Prepares Your Child for Primary School (4 to 6 years)
In our Skool-Ready© curriculum, children and teachers come together to develop a project of their interest. Underlying this is an inquiry-based learning approach, which encourages children to explore their topics of interest, ask questions and investigate further to find answers. In addition, there are daily thematic lessons in the curriculum that include topics such as numeracy and language. While classroom learning plays an important part in early education, so does having real-life experiences.

Give your child a quality and holistic curriculum by enrolling them at the #1 most sought-after preschool in Singapore at affordable prices ($420+ per month after working mother's subsidy and before GST) at our 145 centres island wide! Hurry! Register today, limited vacancies available!

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I. We will contact you when there is an available vacancy at your preferred pre-school, one nearby is available, and/or update you in relation to our childcare services, including but not limited to pre-school curriculum, programmes, invitation to open houses and events via emails, text messages and phone calls.

II. Please note that we will only retain your interest in our database for 12 months from your date of registration.

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