4 – 6 years old

In our Skool-Ready© curriculum, children and teachers come together to develop a project of their interest. Underlying this is an inquiry-based learning approach, which encourages children to explore their topics of interest, ask questions and investigate further to find answers. In addition, there are daily thematic lessons in the curriculum that include topics such as numeracy and language. While classroom learning plays an important part in early education, so does having real-life experiences.

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4 years old

At this age, children are more independent, self-reliant, and able to make plans to carry out and complete tasks. Their sophisticated imagination and analytical skills allow them to make hypotheses, discover, analyse, and understand the concept of cause and effect. In addition, their language skills – including speaking complex sentences, reading, and writing – are rapidly developing, and our Skool-Ready© curriculum supports that.

5 years old

Approaching the most mature year in pre-school, children can think abstractly and resolve problems independently and creatively. The curriculum prepares our children for primary school by focusing on six learning domains, while ensuring that they enjoy the learning process.

6 years old

To ease the transition from kindergarten to primary school, special arrangements are made with a selected primary school to allow our children to orientate and familiarise themselves with a new environment.

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