2 months – 3 years old

It’s never too early to start learning. Research has shown that quality experiences in the early years promote a child’s long-term development socially and emotionally. Thus, our Skool-Educare© Curriculum was developed to maximise the potential of every child’s earliest years.

Adopting a relationships-based approach to early years education, the curriculum focuses on building positive and trusting relationships between the primary teacher and the children in the environment. When the child feels secured and attached, learning happens. The teachers leverage on routines, as well as experiences and interactions to build nurturing relationships. In addition, the creation of a safe and print-rich learning environment is key in enabling the child’s development in the 3 learning domains.

The three domains are:

Thinking and Communicating Self

Child will be confident in expressing himself/herself

Psycho-social Self

Child will develop emotional resilience and trust

Physical Self

Child will be physically competent

Our teachers work in teams where there is a primary and secondary teacher. It’s important to have this system set up so that the children are exposed to the different dynamism of caregiving. Our teachers conduct observations and maintain documentation to keep track of the children’s development. The teachers will then plan the activities accordingly to challenge and scaffold the children’s learning.

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For level

2 months to 17 months

A primary caregiver helps each child develop a sense of security and confidence to explore and learn about their environment. Infants are given ample opportunities to discover and construct knowledge through a variety of sensorial activities, such as playing with paint and dough. As they begin to communicate with people around them, our teachers facilitate their development by responding to their cues.

18 months to 30 months

Toddlers are often encouraged to use their five senses as tools to make observations and discover the characteristics of objects around them. With a child-initiated approach, learning is fostered based on interest, allowing children to make choices among carefully planned curriculum activities.

30 months to 3 years

Playgroup children are at the age where they are looking for more independence, and those with a sense of security, trust and self-confidence tend to learn better. This can be developed through fostering bonds with teachers. The curriculum gives these children the opportunity to choose their activities based on their interest and needs, and then interact and extend their learnings.

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