We believe that healthy parent-pre-school partnerships influence children's development in a positive manner as children experience consistency and continuity between the school and home. At My First Skool, we encourage parent and pre-school partnership in many ways, so you can enjoy peace of mind when your child is with us.


    Parent’s Portal

    We understand the importance of keeping track of your child’s development and learning activities. Our parent’s portal app allows you to view announcements, the centre’s calendar of events, download documents, and view pictures or videos of your child participating in class activities, so you can peek into your child’s world at school. You can also view your child’s portfolio after the bi-annual parent-teacher conference and download a softcopy of it as a keepsake.

    Download My First Skool Parent’s Portal App here:
    Google Play App Store


    Parents’ Care Package

    Exclusively created for My First Skool’s Parents, the Parents’ Care Package is packed with useful resources such as activity kits, inspiring learning videos and a booklet on how parents can be more involved in their child’s learning at home. This package is a distinctive and meaningful collaboration between My First Skool and SEED Institute’s Parents College to provide our parents with additional resources to better support their child’s development.


    Communication Booklet

    To facilitate regular communication between the teachers and parents, each child has a personal communication booklet that parents and teachers can use to convey messages to each other. School letters or announcements are also attached in the booklet whenever needed. We encourage parents to check this booklet daily and acknowledge receipt of important messages where applicable.


    Parental Workshops

    Parents will be invited to attend parental workshops where early childhood professionals will share parenting tips and curriculum ideas to support children’s learning.


    Field Trips and Celebrations

    We invite parents to participate in our field trips and celebrations organised by the pre-schools. These are great opportunities for parent and child to share fun times together, while contributing positively to the child's development as he/she sees the parent interacting with other children and staff.


    Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)

    Twice a year, your child’s teacher will assess him/her and share with you updates on your child’s progress and development. 

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