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Childcare | Infant Care

  • SPARK Certified
    SPARK Certified

    Centre has met ECDA’s quality standards in the areas of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Health, Hygiene & Safety

  • Malay MTL Available
    Malay MTL Available

    Centre offers Malay as part of the curriculum

Principal's Profile

  • Arvinpal Kaur
    Arvinpal Kaur
    My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link

    I can vividly remember telling myself, “If I were a teacher I would never do that to my students!” when I experienced having a teacher who was overly authoritarian. My personal philosophy of Early Childhood Education took shape as I strived to make learning meaningful, to instil good morals and values, to respect all children, their families, their cultures, ethnicities, race, beliefs, and to treat children with equality.

    I believe that this can only be achieved if families, communities, and educators work as one. I have always advocated for life-long learning and would ensure that we exhaust all avenues and all resources at our disposal to provide the learning opportunities that children deserve. In addition, children learn in a loving, safe, and positive environment which I endeavour to provide for each child for his or her optimal development.

    Working with, and alongside children and my team of teachers, gives me a great deal of pleasure and joy. I have been at My First Skool Blk 332B, Anchorvale Link since 2016 and I believe the centre is a very special place to all children – “A Home away from Home”.

    In 2017, I guided my team towards quality as we embarked on achieving our SPARK accreditation. We had been receiving the healthy eating awards annually as we partner the Health Promotion Board in providing children with nutritious meals at the centre.


  • To Ms Arvin thankyou for making everything smooth for us parents ensuring everything will be well taken care of.To Teacher Zurah, Thankyou for taking care of Nufa Alayna! Nufa has only good things to say about you! She learnt so many things, we know becos she taught us songs, dances and sight words! We are amazed at how much values and good things u have instill in her. Thank you for making us parents at ease when we r working! Nufa love you Teacher Zurah! To all the teachers and laoshi-s thankyou for the hardwork especially during outbreak of HFMD and whatnots. We know how hard it was for all of you sanitising all the things!To the aunties, especially aunty jovan for helping out whenever you are needed by our Nufa, to aunty Choo for always cooking delicious food and aunty idah for always ensuring the cleanliness of AV5!

    Nadia Farhana My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Hi Teacher Zurah, thanks for making a difference to Ryan's learning and growing. You're an inspiring and warm teacher and we appreciate your dedication towards teaching. When we are at work, we know that Ryan is in safe hands and we can concentrate on our work. Thanks again! Happy Teacher's Day to you.

    Reina Yuen Kwan My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Thank you for taking care of me and letting me fall in love with school and you.Happy Teacher's Day

    Dephanie My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Thank you Gong Lao Shi for your kind guidance for Peiyang! Happy Teacher's day!

    Jinmei My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Thank you for all your constant care and concern to Yew Ki! Being a teacher is tough, being an infant care teacher is even more challenging. Salute to all of you! Happy Teacher's Day!

    Ying Jie My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Thank you for your patience and loving care to Ethan. We really appreciate all the timely call regarding Ethan’s wellbeing and behavior in school. And teacher’s effort in ensuring that he has a enjoyable time in school. Happy Teacher’s Day!

    Janice and Michael My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Dear Teachers, Thank you for taking good care of Asher and all his friends in infant care at Anchorvale. As first time parents, we know how difficult your job is and really appreciate your dedication to their well-being. We are excited to see Asher grow up into a curious little boy who is constantly learning more about the world around him, and I am sure that you feel the same way. We noticed that he is developing new skills and becoming better behaved, thanks to the tender loving care that you constantly shower on him. We hope that Asher will create many more good memories in school over the next few terms. 非常感谢老师们给予哲贤的细心照顾!因为有您们,我们家长可以放心去上班。在您们的指导下,相信哲贤会茁壮成长!

    Cynthia and Jie Liang My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Thank you for teaching Lukas. Thank you for putting in effort in ensuring that every child’s well-being is well taken care of. Lukas enjoys going to school everyday

    Mrs Jaslyn My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • This is Tyler mother, I'd like to say thank you to Teacher Li Li ,Teacher Aimee and Teacher AshikaTeacher for giving such great help to my child all the time! they are very responsible for my son’s daily life and really pay great attention to observe the emotional change of my son.When i call to ask about the status of my son in the center, they always speak to me very patiently.In the aspect of learning knowledge and training ability, they take the initiative to make friends with my boy, connect the teaching content with the game closely,they make my son full of creativity and initiative, I am very glad to see my boy get great progress in self-care ability and English level.

    Li wei My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link
  • Dear Teacher Zurah,Thank you for being a teacher for Ilakkiya. We appreciate your dedication on teaching and caring Ilakkiya and other kids in the class.Ilakkiya.Ilakkiya likes you very much.Happy Teacher's day.From,Ilakkiya's mummy

    Mathanky My First Skool at Blk 332B Anchorvale Link

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Singaporean $1,364.25
Permanent Residents $1,705.31
Foreigners $2,046.38
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Singaporean $770.40
Permanent Residents $963.00
Foreigners $1,155.60

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