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  • Pearlyn Tan
    Pearlyn Tan
    My First Skool at 49 Rivervale Crescent (Large Childcare Centre at Rivervale Crescent)

    I started my journey in the preschool sector in 2010 upon attaining a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Over the years I have expanded my experiences in teaching and leadership through my engagements with different children and their families. I bring with me close to a decade of experience in the preschool sector, out of which, 7 years of being a centre leader. Being a young leader, I was honoured to be invited to be featured in ECDA’s Beanstalk Digital Publication in 2017.

    As education is an ever evolving and progressing sector, I strongly believe in continual professional development to keep abreast with developments in the sector. It also reignites my passion in working with young children. With that belief, I had attended various national and international conferences as well as pursued further studies. I currently hold a Master of Education (Early Childhood) from NIE.

    Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” I see the provision of quality education as a key in helping children to achieve greater success in the later part of their lives.

    To enrich children’s learning experiences here, My First Skool Buangkok Crescent has forged partnerships with National Gallery Singapore and National Museum Singapore by introducing them to museum-based learning experiences. Through these experiences, we hope that children’s learning can be transformed beyond the confines of the classrooms and our children will experience joy of and for learning.


  • It comforts me to know that the teacher at My First Skool are passionate about their work and teach the children more than just knowledge and experiences to help prepare them for primary school. These role models have also taught Nykki about social responsibility and respect for others in the community through various activities and field trips.

    Dawn Sim Parent of Nykki My First Skool
  • Nate’s teachers really helped to appease the crazy worried first-time mum in me, by giving daily updates on his progress in school and taking initiative to toilet train him even though he was the only one in class to start last year. There’s also an app that the teachers and parents share, to see photos from activities throughout the school week.

    Priscilla Tan Parent of Nate My First Skool
  • My girl has been with My First Skool since toddler class and she has learnt a lot of things in school and has shown great improvements in her language skills! The teachers have put in a lot of effort to prepare learning materials to keep children excited and interested throughout the learning process. The close and trusting relationship between my girl and her teachers also helped her to focus better in class!

    Ivy Parent of Sheau Xuan My First Skool
  • Bebewei has some food allergies so I am quite careful with what and how I introduce food to her. The centre which bebewei is enrolled in has a passionate cook who cooks well and with her heart! Even adults like the staff and parents enjoy the food. I am thankful for My First Skool’s partnership in this.

    Sheryl Parent of Bebewei My First Skool
  • Kudos to the teachers at My First Skool on making learning joyful, fun, and interactive! When I picked up Avril from school today, she excitedly shared with me the anatomy of an ant and how it has three parts – an ant has a head, a thorax, and an abdomen! She told me that her teacher had them draw an ant and colour it, and even made one out of play dough! I can see Avril finding joy in learning everyday in school! Thank you, teachers, for making learning fun for Avril!

    Jaclyn Parent of Avril My First Skool
  • Cayla used to ignore us whenever we spoke to her in mandarin but these days, she is able to reply in short simple sentences! Thank you for developing Cayla’s love for language with all the creative and interactive activities you have prepared! We were so impressed when she came home sharing how she had to describe the texture, smell and taste of an orange in mandarin to her classmates. We are happy to see that she has made great improvements and confidence in her mother tongue language and is now able to communicate with her mandarin-speaking grandparents too!

    Charlene Chew Parent of Cayla My First Skool
  • Thank you My First Skool teachers for your dedicated care towards Didi. We recalled sharing with you how Didi has not started talking after 18 months but with your reassurance and help along the way, we are now seeing great improvements in him as he attempts to convey his thoughts with short phrases! The close and trusting bonds you shared with Didi has helped him feel more comfortable in school and we are heartened to see him engaging his friends and speaking up more during activities. Didi is now 24 months old and we can’t wait for him to complete a full sentence! Thank you for always going the extra mile to encourage him.

    Qiqi Parent of Didi My First Skool

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Monthly Fees*

Programme Citizenship Monthly Fees
(From 2 months to 17 months)
Singaporean $1,364.25
Permanent Residents $1,705.31
Foreigners $2,046.38
(From 18 months to 6 years old)
Singaporean $770.40
Permanent Residents $963.00
Foreigners $1,155.60

*Fees are subjected to revision.

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