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Childcare | Infant Care

  • SPARK Certified (Commendation)
    SPARK Certified (Commendation)

    Centre has met ECDA’s quality standards and has strong processes in the areas of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Health, Hygiene & Safety.

  • Malay MTL Available
    Malay MTL Available

    Centre offers Malay as part of the curriculum

Principal's Profile

  • Angela Lim
    Angela Lim
    My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way

    I have 14 years of experiences in Early Childhood Sector and since 2016, I have been leading the quality journey at My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way (SWC). The Centre has a team of 65 staff, 278 children in 14 classes with the range of age group from 2-month-old to the 6 Years old.

    As a Centre leader, I believe that I play an important role in developing, supporting, encouraging and motivating my team of staff. At the same time, I believe the importance of creating opportunities to partner with parents and the community agencies to support the children’s holistic development in an environment that conducive for learning. Our Centre has continuously put strong efforts to collaborate with the National Gallery Singapore, National Art Council, AMK Ren Ci for the Intergenerational Programme.

    Our centre offers Malay as a second language for our Malay children. The Centre has been awarded with the SPARK Commendation certification which is a testament of the quality of the Centre.

    Our aspiration as a team at My First Skool at SWC is that we strive for continuous improvement through understanding the needs of the families, delivering quality service and making a difference in children’s life by ensuring holistic development of our children.


  • 谢谢Nursery Compassion2020的王老师,在王老师的关爱下雨岑每天非常开心的去学校。王老师因材施教,发挥学生的长处,弥补学生的不足,激发学生学习兴趣,树立学生学习的信心,从而促进了雨岑的全面发展。雨岑在科学知识和礼仪方面得到很大进步,得益于王老师的谆谆教导!雨岑常说最爱最爱王老师!谢谢王老师! Teacher Syazana in Nursery Compassion 2020 class, helped YuCen a lot to improve him english speaking skill. Yu Cen learnt ENglish fast and also had fun. Her teaching style lets Yu Cen learn in a relaxed and fun environment. Thank you!

    Song min Parent of YuCen (Nursery, 2020) My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Happy Teachers day to you, Tr Grace! Thank you for making Azmidah love the way you teach. Everytime you gave her sticker as a reward, she will go back and show it to us proudly. i know my daughter need more attention to focus. and i really appreacite that with the rewards she actually love to learn and wish to get more reward if she learnt. Thank you for that. Azmidah always said that you are a good teacher. I am very happy that she love you. Thank you so much. And happy teacher's day!!!

    Nur rafidah My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Thank you for taking care of me for the past two years. With your passion & effort , I'm grows to be a independent & cheerful boy. Wishing you a Happy Teacher Day!!!

    Tristan My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Selamat Hari Guru kepada Cikgu Shikin. Terima Kasih atas pengajaran yang telah diajar kepada Azmidah. Saya sebagai ibu rasa bangga apabila Azmidah menyanyikan lagu nursery rhymes dalam bahasa melayu. Terima Kasih banyak banyak. Semoga Azmidah dapat mempelajari banyak lagi perkataan melayu di masa hadapan.terima kasih, cikgu!!

    Nur Rafidah My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff for all your patience, hard work, and dedication. Thank you for making it easy and fun for Wenyi to learn basic vocabulary and numeracy.Thanks for setting our mind at ease while we are away, and thank you for everything that you do for our girl each and every day.Happy Teachers' Day to all!

    Gangcheng My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Thank you for creating an environment where learning and other fun activities are easy and fun for Xaven. I really apppreciate your patience, care and concern for Xaven. Happy Teacher's Day!!

    Mrs Tan-Xaven's mom My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • 谢谢您如此细心和耐心的教导,照顾沺翰。教师节快乐!

    Mrs Tan-沺翰的Mummy My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Dear Ms Angela.. I would like to say thank you to you and all your staff for taking great care of Sophia. She loves going to school and she has learnt alot. I can see that all the staff including the aunties are very compassionate and caring to all the children in the school. They knew the children's name and care for all of them which gives me lots of ease leaving Sophia in your centre. You have a great team and I want to thank everyone for all of your hard work and dedication.

    Zaharah My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • Dear Angela & Lee Lian, Thank you for ensuring an optimistic environment in school for Lukas and all the kids.. Kudos to the management & all staffs.. (Haida, peng, qi, angelica, kitchen aunty and all that I can’t recall the names) With much appreciation,Suiz

    Suiz My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way
  • My greatest gratitude to Teacher Adeline and Fan Laoshi for their dedication, love, patience and smile to my dearest boy, Elhan Qais. Thank you for being excellent educators! As an educator myself, I know it's not an easy job: the ups and downs, bad and good days. I believe despite how many times you might want to pull your hair in class, there's no more rewarding job than nurturing young lives. I am truly in awe with all the marvellous things you have done with Elhan.Thank you once again. I hope this message will keep you going and continue moulding young lives. Elhan loves you all. Happiest Teacher's Day and many happy returns. Regards, Elhan Qais' mummy.

    Linda (Elhan Qais' Mummy) My First Skool at 50 Sengkang West Way

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Monthly Fees*

Programme Citizenship Monthly Fees
(From 2 months to 17 months)
Singaporean $1,364.25
Permanent Residents $1,705.31
Foreigners $2,046.38
(From 18 months to 6 years old)
Singaporean $770.40
Permanent Residents $963.00
Foreigners $1,155.60

*Fees are subjected to revision.

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