Heading outdoors does not necessitate going far. Here in Singapore, there are plenty of amenities and activities our children can engage in right in our very own neighbourhoods. Today, we will be bringing you around the Sengkang neighbourhood, and present to you 5 places of interest you can bring your pre-school children for a fun day out.

Taking into consideration the overbearing heat on certain days, we have curated this list to provide for both indoor and outdoor activities in Sengkang, such that you and your children have something to enjoy no matter the weather outside!

1. Sengkang Sculpture Park

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Built in 2001, Sengkang Sculpture Park is filled with intriguing marine-themed sculptures which creatively explore Sengkang’s history as a prosperous harbour. A trip here can be both educational and fun for pre-school children and toddlers alike, as they wander about the many sculptures and engage in active interaction and interpretation at their own leisure.

A trip to Sengkang Sculpture Park is also a great chance for children to develop their motor skills and engage in creative play, all while having some fun in the sun!

2. Sengkang Library

my first skool childcare singapore

Did you know that the Sengkang Public Library has an Early Literacy Area? This zone of the library is specially designed for families to read and bond together. It is the perfect place for little ones to take their first steps into the fantastical world of stories and ideas!

So, next time it rains outside — or if the heat gets unbearable — head over to the library at Sengkang for a fun and enriching adventure with your pre-schooler! Not only does it promise a good time for all, a visit to Sengkang Public Library can also help nurture literacy skills in children and allow them to fall in love with the enriching world of reading!

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3. Sengkang Riverside Park

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There may be no better way to relax on the weekend than taking our children on a nature walk at Sengkang Riverside Park. There are even hiking trails that pre-school children can enjoy, which also allows its hikers to view Sengkang’s hand-planted marshes.

If a leisure stroll is more your speed, bring your children on a walk through the cemented pathways at Sengkang Riverside Park, and perhaps even enjoy a game or two of “who can spot the most fruit trees?” with your little ones.

Whichever you go with, the fresh air of the great outdoors at Sengkang Riverside Park will facilitate both interactive learning and improved physical fitness, as children play and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

4. Sengkang Swimming Complex

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Sengkang Swimming Complex is the perfect place to visit on a hot afternoon, or even in the pouring rain! Splash around at their sheltered pool or sign your toddler or pre-school children up for some swimming classes with experienced coaches. Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with making this a fun weekly trip out for the family.

To top things off, swimming is a great physical activity that improves cardiovascular health in children, and the cool waters at Sengkang Swimming Complex is bound to take the heat off on an otherwise-unbearable hot day in Singapore.

5. Sengkang Floating Wetlands

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Though accessible from Sengkang Riverside Park itself, the Sengkang Floating Wetlands is an entirely different adventure in itself. It is the second largest man-made wetland in the whole of Singapore and features gigantic fruit structures such as a mangosteen shelter and chopped-orange seats.

The Floating Wetlands at Sengkang also doubles as a wildlife habitat, and you can be sure that you and your children will enjoy a sighting of some interesting animals, such as white-breasted waterhens, collared kingfishers, red-eared sliders, and even dragonflies and damselflies skirting above the water’s surface.

Also, by exposing children to a vastly different environment, you’ll be effectively encouraging them to engage in active exploration and experimentation — both of which can help develop inquisitive minds in children!

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