While the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been seeing Singaporeans mask up and stock up in recent weeks, one thing that hasn’t been talked about enough, is how we should defend ourselves and be proactive in fighting the virus.

This means developing strategies for:

  • Defending themselves against the virus, and;
  • Taking an offensive position and battling the virus

The best way to do so? By turning virus-fighting activities into playtime! These are some ideas for creating a fun “indoor adventure” with your child, while teaching them how to battle and defeat this nasty virus (and many others)!


  1. Build a fort against viruses!
    Top Preschool in Singapore This is a fantastic activity for introducing the concept of “battling the enemy virus” to your child. Kids naturally love castles and forts, so let’s build one in your child’s “castle” – their bedroom!

    Hop into bed with your child and start building a pretend fort using pillows and blankets. Tell them that an army of viruses is pretending to attack, and it’s time to build strong defences against these enemy forces. To make things extra fun, after they’ve run out of pillows and blankets in their room, ask them how they can further enhance their fort. Let them borrow pillows and blankets from your room, and encourage them to get creative by using bolsters, books, soft toys, and other items to build up their defence.

    The point of this game is to teach your child that the more defences they have against these enemy viruses, the greater their chances of victory!
  2. Defend yourself with a “suit of armour”

    Now, you can introduce the concept of defending their body against viruses by “suiting up”. Let your child decide how they’d like to cover themselves up, then convince them to get creative! They can “suit up” with pyjamas to cover their arms and legs, wrap themselves up with a blanket, or wear a menacing-looking mask to scare viruses away.

    This is also a good time to introduce real-world rationales into your make-believe playtime activities. Teach your child that invisible viruses can sometimes land on our skin, without us knowing – and the solution for defeating these viruses is by washing our hands with soap, especially before touching our face or eating.

    You can also teach your child that when we lose a battle and fall sick, we need to protect our friends by wearing a mask to prevent the germs from spreading.

    For ideas on good hygiene practices that you can share with your child, check out these simple-to-do (and highly effective) tips.
  3. Fuel up before battle
    Top Preschool in Singapore One of the most overlooked aspects of fighting viruses is by building up our immune system. This is essential for battling not only the currently-feared coronavirus, but all viruses – and is a lesson that can protect your child for the rest of their life.

    Teach your child how healthy snacks like fruits, carrots and celery sticks can be not only fun to eat, but incredibly powerful weapons against viruses. Let them learn how a strong immune system can be the best form of defence against any potential illness – and get them excited for healthy snacks!

    Need an extra tip for making carrot sticks more appealing to your child? Turn this activity into a role-playing game by assigning experience points (XP) to a variety of healthy snacks. Every time your child gains enough XP to “level up”, they gain access to new “armour” and “weapons” (which can be toys, playtime or other rewards).


  1. Find your weapons!
    After going through the list of defensive activities with your child, they should be very familiar with virus-fighting armour and weapons.

    Hide these “weapons” – masks, hand sanitisers, gloves, soap, and other items – around your home. Then, make a list of these items and ask your child to locate the weapons they can use against viruses. Or ramp up the challenge by skipping the list and asking your child to identify and find all the “weapons” they think are effective against viruses.

    Be sure to reward your child for correctly identifying and finding these weapons – with extra playtime or their favourite healthy snacks.
  2. Stealth infiltration mission
    Top Preschool in Singapore Active children will absolutely love this activity as it puts their motor skills to the test (while allowing them to expend a good amount of energy). In this game, your child gets to stealthily infiltrate enemy lines – like a secret agent or ninja!

    Set up this game by moving some furniture around to create a makeshift obstacle course that your child can run, jump, hop and roll around in. Increase the challenge by placing laundry baskets in certain spots and telling your child that these are where guards are stationed. To knock out these sentries, they’ll need to toss balled up socks into the laundry baskets – miss and an alarm will sound, meaning they’ll need to run back to the start of the course for safety!
  3. All-out attack!

    We hope you have as much energy as your child, because you’ll need it for this penultimate activity. In this game, your child will go on an all-out, head-to-head battle against the virus (which will be played by you).

    Battle with your child in a dramatic pillow fight or (if you have a backyard) an exciting nerf gun war! There’ll be lots of running, jumping and sweating going on here. The goal of this activity is to teach your child the value of exercise in keeping our bodies fit and healthy – and getting our immune systems strong and ready for combat against nasty germs and viruses.

Top Preschool in Singapore My First Skool takes the health and safety of our children very seriously. We have already implemented a series of strict rules for all teachers, parents and children – and are continuing to monitor the situation, making adjustments to our precautions whenever necessary.

These include the implementation of:

  • Travel declaration forms (in accordance with various agencies’ advisories)
  • Travel declarations for visitors who arrive at our preschools
  • A 14-day leave of absence (LOA) for staff and children returning from China, as well as children from households with a family member who is under a Home Quarantine Order
  • Daily temperature checks for all staff, children and visitors (including parents) who arrive at our preschools
  • More frequent temperature checks for children – from twice to thrice or even four times a day (as needed)
  • Transient staff, parents and visitors who have a fever or who display any issues with their respiratory system (i.e. cough, running nose) will not be allowed into our premises
  • A temporary stop to events involving large groups (such as field trips and excursions)
  • More frequent cleaning of commonly-touched surfaces and items (like toys)

Let’s be proactive in our battle against viruses and emerge victorious! Also, check out some fun parent-child yoga poses you can practise at home to build up your immunity.