One of the many values or traits that parents usually teach their children would be kindness - learning how to forgive, how to share and how to care. However, having resilience is also highly important in shaping your child and preparing him or her for anything life throws at them in future.

Learning how to be resilient at a young age can enable children to develop important psychological mechanisms that gives your children the “fighting spirit” to get back on their feet and teach them how to bounce back after a setback by helping them maintain motivation with a more positive outlook of life. Read on to find out how you can go about instilling resilience in your little ones from a young age.

#1 – Faciliate Conducive Environments for New Experiences

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Are you the type to run after your children incessantly at the playground, keeping an eye on every move they make in case they miss a step and fall? Being the caregiver of your own children, it is only natural to want to keep your children safe at all times, but we should also allow the little ones some room for new experiences. You can do this by creating opportunities for them to try new activities and experience failures, but within safe boundaries. The fact is as parents, we often project our personal fears onto our children, and this can lead them to internalise the message that they are not strong enough to handle challenges. In fact, taking risks and learning from their mistakes can encourage them to push themselves in the face of hardship and teach them how to manage pain.

#2 – Celebrate Failures and Commend Effort

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It is too easy for Singaporean parents to get caught up in results and neglect the learnings which we can draw during the process. There is a wide range of abilities and skills required for the societies to thrive and they can be developed and honed when children experience and learn from their failures. Parents can play an important role by appreciating and facilitating.

Encourage your child to embrace their mistakes in life and promote a mindset for continuous growth instead of encouraging them to solely chase accolades. Some questions that can facilitate such conversations include “What do you enjoy most about this experience?”, “What were the toughest moments?” and “How do you think you can overcome this difficulty in future?”. By posing these questions to your child, it will build problem-solving skills and a belief that he or she can solve their own problems since they are encouraged to come up with solutions on their own, leading to resiliency and increased determination over time. The main takeaway from this is: “As long as I learn and try, I can do it!”, or “I can learn to overcome this problem in another way and try again!”.

#3 – Build a Strong and Trusting Relationship with your Child

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Spending one-on-one time with your children can help to build a strong relationship with them, which can help to instil resilience in them in the long run. Spending time with your children doesn’t mean sitting side by side, scrolling on your electronic devices individually, we mean having actual heart-to-heart conversations about feelings or about anything under the sun.

Once your child feels unconditional support and feel assured that they will not be reprimanded for feeling fearful, they can then feel empowered to seek guidance and make attempts to work through new or foreign situations in life. Positive connections with your children will allow you to lead by example by sharing with them difficult situations that you have overcome as an adult as you encourage them to do the same.

Raise Resilient Children with NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool

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Cultivating a strong relationship with your child is not something that should only be done by parents. Our teachers are committed and passionate on top of being skilled facilitators in guiding our children’s learning. Here at NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool, our Skool-Educare© curriculum focuses on building positive and trusting relationships between primary caregivers and all their children. Moreover, research has shown that children who have undergone our relationships-based curriculum are more engaged and focused.

Watch how our child from My First Skool at Blk 66 Kallang Bahru kept trying not to stumble and finally succeeding in balancing and walking across a beam! 

At NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool, we raise Happy, ‘I Can Do It’ Children, by helping them develop the positive trait of undying perseverance. Find out more about how we nurture resilient children. Register your child and join us as we nurture happy children with a ‘Can Do’ spirit!