Raising Happy, 'I Can Do It' Children

At My First Skool, we believe in raising happy children who exude a positive 'I Can Do It!' attitude – and we believe the best way to do so, is by developing these positive traits that will inspire their growth and development journey:

  1. Joy in Learning Matters: When children enjoy learning, they develop a natural love for learning. This extends to everything they are taught – from numeracy and science, to languages and other skills.
  2. Trying Again & Again Matters: When children develop an 'I Can Do It!' attitude, they are able to overcome challenges and finish what they set out to do – never giving up and continually trying until they succeed.
  3. Love for Language Matters: With a love for language, culture and tradition inculcated into young minds, children gain a genuine interest in learning – and using – a language.

Through fun and engaging activities – delivered through our high quality and holistic curriculum – our children develop a genuine love for learning and a resilient 'I Can Do It!' attitude that will guide them through life.

Trying Again & Again Matters

Resiliency is one of the most important traits for a child to develop, as the ability to try and try again will impact how they handle challenges as they grow up. How do children build resiliency? By exploring the world around them, overcoming small challenges, gaining self-confidence, and believing they can overcome larger hurdles.

Children who are resilient tend to be more curious, courageous and adaptable – and they are also better learners, due to their 'I Can Do It!' spirit and willingness to keep trying until they succeed. At My First Skool, we build resilience in children through outdoor play, sensorial play and our Relationships-Based Curriculum.

Outdoor Play

Exploration during outdoor playtime is a great way for children to develop resilience! As children jump over hurdles, balance on beams and engage in other outdoor activities, they will find both successes and failures during play – as they take the occasional stumble or are unable to overcome an obstacle on their first few attempts.

At My First Skool, these small "failures" are a common part of our outdoor curriculum. Teachers guide children through these situations and show them other ways of accomplishing a task, which leads to children developing the habit of trying until they succeed – building resiliency, adaptability, and true 'I Can Do It!' determination!

In addition, physical activities and sensory motor experiences are important in the early development of the brain, inculcate good health habits and build up the physical fitness of children. By finding joy in movement, it lays the foundation for them to continue to be more active and more inclined to incorporate regular physical activities later on in life; as well as perform different functions that requires body coordination effectively.

Sensorial Play

It’s common for children to feel afraid of the unknown – whether it’s new experiences or things in their environment. At our centres, children are exposed to a variety of textures and materials during sensorial play. This includes touching and stepping on grass, pebbles, stones, carpets and other surfaces.

In addition to helping children overcome their fear of new things, these multisensory experiences are also great for brain development, improving cognitive abilities, and sharpening fine motor skills.

Relationships-Based Curriculum

When children feel safe and secure, they learn better. This is the essence of our relationships-based curriculum for children between 0 to 3 years of age – and it’s why our teachers are dedicated to developing positive, nurturing relationships with children.

For children, this matters because it allows them to encounter small setbacks and keep going – thanks to encouragement from their teacher, whom they trust implicitly – inculcating a 'try and try again' attitude in young minds. And all this is proven by research, which shows that children who have undergone a relationships-based curriculum are more engaged, focused and persistent.

Discover how our relationships-based approach (Skool-Educare©️ curriculum) brings out the true potential of children's early years.


  • Thank you My First Skool teachers for your dedicated care towards Didi. We recalled sharing with you how Didi has not started talking after 18 months but with your reassurance and help along the way, we are now seeing great improvements in him as he attempts to convey his thoughts with short phrases!

    The close and trusting bonds you shared with Didi has helped him feel more comfortable in school and we are heartened to see him engaging his friends and speaking up more during activities. Didi is now 24 months old and we can’t wait for him to complete a full sentence! Thank you for always going the extra mile to encourage him.

    Didi's Parents My First Skool at Braddell Heights Community Hub
  • The teachers look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My son has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand his challenges, and handle him with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!"

    Firash's Mummy My First Skool at Blk 698C Jurong West
  • My son will throw temper and fight with others at times but to the teacher's understanding of Ian, they able to take their time and patience to teach him to say sorry when he more settle down, so that he can understand. Ian has no confidence in expressing his words and feelings, i can see that through Teacher Dora and Chen Laoshi’s guidance, he is slowly coming out of his shell and able to present himself better. They are a dedicated and great teacher and MFS is lucky to have a passionate teacher like them!

    Ian’s Parents
    My First Skool at Blk 119 Edgefield Plains

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