Raising Happy, 'I Can Do It' Children

At My First Skool, we believe in raising happy children who exude a positive 'I Can Do It!' attitude – and we believe the best way to do so, is by developing these positive traits that will inspire their growth and development journey:

  1. Joy in Learning Matters: When children enjoy learning, they develop a natural love for learning. This extends to everything they are taught – from numeracy and science, to languages and other skills.
  2. Trying Again & Again Matters: When children develop an 'I Can Do It!' attitude, they are able to overcome challenges and finish what they set out to do – never giving up and continually trying until they succeed.
  3. Love for Language Matters: With a love for language, culture and tradition inculcated into young minds, children gain a genuine interest in learning – and using – a language.

Through fun and engaging activities – delivered through our high quality and holistic curriculum – our children develop a genuine love for learning and a resilient 'I Can Do It!' attitude that will guide them through life.

Love for Language Matters

Language is an essential aspect of every child’s development, as it supports a child’s ability to communicate and express themselves. And in Singapore, it’s especially important for children to develop an affinity for their mother tongue – as this helps them to stay connected with their roots and family members (especially those who may not speak English).

And the most effective way for children to learn a new language, is for them to develop a love for it! Discover how we accomplish this at NTUC First Campus' My First Skool – through inculcating a love for languages (using engaging activities), creating an immersive learning environment, and our innovative Skool-aCe© curriculum.

Inculcating a Love for Language

Why do children at NTUC First Campus' My First Skool love learning languages? Because it’s fun! Our teachers use a variety of interesting activities and games to teach language in ways that are intriguing to young minds. These include activities like finger rhymes, puppet play ( 故事舞台 and Wayang Kulit), songs and dance, as well as many fun games to make learning interesting.

Our children also participate in traditional cultural events – making paper lanterns and creating dough mooncakes during the mid-autumn festival, learning traditional Indian dance moves when Deepavali comes around, baking traditional Malay keuhs such as Getuk Ubi and many more!

Keen on watching adorable little hands and feet craft lanterns and perform traditional dances? Hop over to our YouTube channel!

Immersive Learning Environment

Developing a love for languages is more effective when children are in an environment that immerses them in language and culture. That’s why the walls at our centres are filled with pictures and labels in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil – and our teachers speak to children using their mother tongue.

As our children see these words, characters and phrases every day, these languages become second nature to them – eliminating any fear they may otherwise have had for the languages. And because we believe that an immersive environment should extend into the home, our principals and teachers work closely with parents – enabling you to foster your child’s love for their mother tongue at home too.

Take a Virtual Tour of our centres and experience our immersive learning environments.


NTUC First Campus' My First Skool’s Skool-aCe© curriculum is a Chinese programme that helps children to systematically learn, appreciate, and excel in mandarin!

Teaching in Mandarin, our teachers use stories, songs, rhymes, poems, and games to develop children’s ability to read, write and converse in Mandarin. Our goal is to inspire children to develop a genuine love for the language and build a strong core in Chinese vocabulary – which will be invaluable in their life ahead.
Learn more about My First Skool's Skool-aCe© Curriculum


  • Thank you Ding Lao Shi, Alester’s Chinese has improved tremendously! He love Chinese now and always speak mandarin to us at home. Thank you for your patience towards him, he may be slow in picking up Chinese language but his improvement is really impressive .谢谢你用心的教导

    Alester's Mummy My First Skool at Waterway Point
  • Dear Cikgu Halizah, having you teach and expose my child to Malay indeed made a lot of difference. We could hear our child singing and conversing to us in Malay language more than before. We appreciate all your efforts in ensuring our child is able to learn and pick up Malay language. We have lesser worries now as we knew Aryanni has been exposed to Malay language in her pre-school years. Terima kasih dan selamat hari guru!

    Aryanni's Mummy My First Skool at Blk 236 Toa Payoh
  • We would like to thank Yao Tian’s teachers, Xia Laoshi and Teacher Wajiha for their tremendous effort and patience in teaching, guiding, caring and nurturing Yao Tian throughout his Playgroup year this year. At the beginning of the year, Yao Tian could not really speak Chinese but now he can speak fluently and confidently. He enjoys singing the Chinese songs that Xia Laoshi taught him at school. He even taught his mother some Chinese words (as his mother is not Chinese educated). Yao Tian also always shared with us what Teacher Wajiha taught him at school, i.e. paramedic drives the ambulance. The teachers knew he has a keen interest in emergency vehicles and the related occupations. We are grateful that the teachers imposed the right level of discipline on him. The 3-minutes of reflection was effective for Yao Tian to reflect on his actions. But kids being kids, he will always be playful. Yao Tian has not only improved in terms of his development, i.e. motor skills, speech development, self-help skills, the teachers also taught him the right values, respecting friends and each other, etc. Yao Tian has progressed so much this year. We are truly grateful for both teachers’ efforts and hard work. They have done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work

    Yao Tian's Parents
    My First Skool at Blk 339 Clementi

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