Raising Happy, 'I Can Do It' Children

At My First Skool, we believe in raising happy children who exude a positive 'I Can Do It!' attitude – and we believe the best way to do so, is by developing these positive traits that will inspire their growth and development journey:

  1. Joy in Learning Matters: When children enjoy learning, they develop a natural love for learning. This extends to everything they are taught – from numeracy and science, to languages and other skills.
  2. Trying Again & Again Matters: When children develop an 'I Can Do It!' attitude, they are able to overcome challenges and finish what they set out to do – never giving up and continually trying until they succeed.
  3. Love for Language Matters: With a love for language, culture and tradition inculcated into young minds, children gain a genuine interest in learning – and using – a language.

Through fun and engaging activities – delivered through our high quality and holistic curriculum – our children develop a genuine love for learning and a resilient 'I Can Do It!' attitude that will guide them through life.

Joy in Learning Matters

At My First Skool, we believe that happy children are better learners. In our learning environments, we inspire joy in learning through our dramatic learning corners, outdoor play activities and specialised curriculum – all of this is enabled by caring teachers who build meaningful relationships with children, joyfully engaging them in fun activities that promote exploration, discovery and learning.

Dramatic Learning Corners

Lessons come to life at our dramatic learning corners! Here, teachers guide children as they recreate everyday situations through roleplay.

During role-play, children pretend to be in a variety of situations – counting coins and making purchases at a supermarket, singing and drumming on a stage, living in their favourite fairy tale, or anywhere else their active imaginations take them to. Learning is truly brought to life as children can take what they learn in lessons, then apply their newfound knowledge in role-play situations.

Learning corners make learning highly engaging for children, which leads to improved learning. What’s more, children develop creative thinking skills by thinking out of the box and applying what they learnt to solve problems – all while building their social skills as they engage with friends.

Follow us @learningzones on Instagram to check out the exciting dramatic learning corners at the centres.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an essential part of children’s playtime, and encourages children to explore the wonderful world around them. That’s why we take our children on walks to community gardens, as well as nearby playgrounds or parks – to take in highly enriching learning experiences, while developing an appreciation for nature.

Selected My First Skool centres also have access to outdoor play areas where children can ride on scooters and engage in water play – experiences that build valuable motor skills, teamwork and resilience in children.

Specialised Curriculum Highlights

Keen on taking your child through a specific set of programmes?

At My First Skool, our curriculum highlights include focuses on art, cultural intelligence, character building, Malay heritage, STEM-based learning, and nature learning. Our comprehensive curriculum gives children the opportunity to learn what interests them most – because when children find joy in learning, they learn more effectively.

Learn more about our curriculum highlights.


  • The curriculum is very hands-on and the teachers are very caring, friendly and well-qualified, teaching in a funny and interesting way, keeping the kids engaged; they’re also always willing to help when needed. The programme is awesome and the children learn so much while having fun. Since my daughter started, she never refused or cried about going to school. From day one our children always felt comfortable and welcomed – many days, it’s even a struggle to get them to come home! The school offers excursions throughout the year and there are loads of other activities that my kid enjoys so much.

    Suh Ying My First Skool at Blk 648C Jurong West
  • Dear teachers, thank you for your effort and patience in guiding Dylan. He is able to learn about many animals through the school field trips and teachers’ explanations and that enhances his interest even more. Words cannot express how much I deeply appreciate of the teachers from the school. Thank you.

    Dylan's Mummy My First Skool at Blk 170 Hougang
  • My sons enjoy going to school every morning and that gives me and my husband peace of mind at work, knowing that our little ones are in the good care of the teachers and caregivers. My husband and i appreciate the efforts of the Principal and teachers in ensuring that the centre is always kept safe and clean, thus providing a happy enjoyable, healthy and conclusive learning environment for our children's development.

    Lucas and Pierre's Mummy
    My First Skool at Blk 82 Strathmore Avenue

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